Nokia Music Unlimited goes DRM Free in India

At the “Amazing Everyday” Nokia Lumia launch event in Mumbai yesterday, the Nokia India executives kept mentioning that something huge is coming to Nokia Music starting 2012, but wouldn’t share what it was.

Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited

Today, while downloading the latest chartbuster in India “Why this kolaveri di”, I noticed that instead of the usual DRMed WMA file, what I had was a simple MP3 file.

To check whether this was specifically for that one off song or the entire music store, I went ahead and downloaded a song which for which I still have the old WMA DRM protected file. To my surprise, the file I downloaded today was a DRMless MP3 file. I played the track on an ANDROID device to check, and the file worked fine.

I am not sure if this is what the Nokia India executives were talking about at the event, but nonetheless, this is a major development! DRM has been nothing but a pain & hindrance in daily use.

This is the old DRM protected WMA file

Speedy Singhs DRm

This is the new DRM free MP3 file

Speedy Singhs DRM Free


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