Nokia Smartphone shipments still ahead in China for Q3


GSM Arena is reporting on some smartphone shipments stats in Q3. Furthermore, the number of shipments grew to 23.9M – that’s 58% by their count. In US however, the numbers apparently fell 7% to 23.3m.

Making up the most sales in China is Nokia at 28.5% or 6.8m, Samsung not too distant at 17.6% with 4.2M units.  China is a very important market for Nokia with Nokia users in China in excess of mobile users worldwide for any other manufacturer. However it’s not a completely pretty picture as competition is gaining ground. Cheaper and knock off versions at low end, and likes of ZTE and iPhone at top. Nokia plans to launch the Nokia Lumia in China in the spring of 2012 which should help bolster up their high end offerings.

Top of the USA is HTC and Apple, neither of which though shipped as much as Nokia in China.

The US is still the works largest smartphone market by revenue, but China has displaced the USA in terms of volume.


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