Rumour: Nokia Lumia 900 coming to AT&T, not Verizon

Its a slow news day so we will pass on this anonymous tip we received earlier.

According to our tipster the Nokia Ace will indeed be announced at CES and hit AT&T in March. So far, so good, but the bad news is that Verizon is out of the game, and that the handset will not be coming to CDMA carriers at all.

The tip is obviously unverified so take it with a pinch of salt, but it would be consistent with other news and rumours going around


4″ Nokia 801T Symbian^3 announced for China TD-SCDMA – with TV antenna and NFC


Remember that Nokia 801(T), a China specific Nokia variant that some commented on being a fake/China clone?

Aikon 171 tipped that:

Nokia 801T announced

But in the pictures and the specs they show a TV antenna. Whilst Nokia could put in a TV antenna, that’s something the China clones often do right? Unless Nokia are understanding what they need to do in these markets (like putting dual sims in, something only the clones used to do).

It’s somewhat less ugly than those earlier leaked pics now the swoopy curves are more visible.  Still not a fan of prominent, raised bezels though.

Supposed specs:

  • 4″ screen
  • anywhere mobile TV (CMMB

Still not believing? I didn’t either. I had to go check Nokia Conversations China and lo and behold, it’s there.

Another angled shot!

Mysterious 3-inch Buttons Free Nokia Device?

One of the goodies displayed alongside the Lumia 710 at T-Mobiles press release was this interesting looking 3-inch Buttons free screen, according to the source it’s running Windows Phone, the source described it as “a Pocket Tablet” which probably means it has no networking capabilities (WiFi Only). If this were real I’d be EXTREMELY tempted to say it’s Microsoft/Nokias attempt at bringing back Zune/Windows Media Players, for now I think I shall call it Nokias iPod. (note that the form factor isn’t that off from the N9/800 as it still has curved sides with flat ends..)

Is this the Nokia Lumia 900 with Front Facing Camera in Yellow & White colours?

At a Windows Phone event in France, Nokia France said that they were considering releasing the Nokia Lumia 800 in additional colours if there was a demand & market for the same.

Somebody at the event manage to click a snap of a slide from the presentations, which shows a Lumia device in the original Black, Cyan & Magenta, along with Yellow & White colors!


Jay over at MyNokiaTweet points out that users feel now only does this device appear bigger than the Lumia 800, but it also features what looks like the Front Facing Camera!

Although these are are speculations, but we would like to believe that we are seeing can probably be theNokia Lumia 900. Hope the FFC turns out to  be real though, would be a shame if a Windows Phone device can’t make video calls using Skype!

New colours – Nokia Lumia 800 – coming in White and Yellow?

When I saw the image above, I thought, what if they’re just cases, and what if the camera is just a little off white balance?

Then I saw this next one by monwindowsphone, then they’re definitely onto something with more colours for Lumia.


All About Belle: Nokia answers questions on name change, date of delivery and handset update (500 et)

Nokia Conversations has elaborated on yesterday’s announcements following much questions and speculations on Symbian Belle/Nokia Belle.

It’s great to hear these prompt responses, thanks for communicating back Nokia (though if a little politician like).


1) On the name change:

We are still using Symbian Belle with some audiences like developers but now we also have the flexibility of using Nokia Belle when referring to our greatest and latest Symbian software update. We are really looking forward to making Belle available to people as it will truly bring a new experience to everybody.

Translation: Symbian name still lives, but to the public, Nokia are moving on with Nokia Belle – keeping the consistent Nokia branding.

2) On the date being too far away (they acknowledge we were told Q4 2011, but now are told February)

Nokia Belle will make such a big difference in the user experience, and it is a major software update. We are progressing well in bringing Belle with a new look and feel to millions people across the markets at the same time, and are anxiously looking forward to delighting our consumers with Nokia Belle.

Translation: You won’t care when you get it, it’s that good and it will be worth the wait. Plus it’s difficult to roll out to millions of people in various devices, various countries, various languages, various networks, all those different markets. It’s not a one phone job.

3) On what devices would get Belle.

I am happy to say that Nokia 500 will also be one of those devices receiving Nokia Belle along with Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6,Nokia C7, and Nokia Oro.

Nokia Store has over 100,000 applications says distimo

According to distimo, Nokia Store (previously Ovi Store) has over 100,000 applications. 116,583 to be precise. Well done Nokia Store. Are those official numbers?

I thought back in October there was 60,000? (50K in July) How did that double in two months?

Are they counting content that isn’t apps (music? Trailers? Same version of apps for different phones? was there a sudden influx of Ovi App Wizard?

Either way let’s hope it’s an official number. 3 years to reach 100,000 is ok. The Nokia app store itself is somewhat slightly fragmented – i.e. one device has no access even to half that content. Some is s60, s40, S60 5th, S^3, and within that E6 specific versions, some now tailored for the new Belle and a few for MeeGo (Are the maemo apps still there?).  But there’s something there for all Nokia OS users. It would be much easier then to somehow class all of that just under the Nokia OS brand :p.

We try to say it’s generally not about the numbers but about the quality. 100,000 is a nice threshold to reach. Getting 200,000 would be even nicer as then it’s fair to say hundreds of thousands of apps :p. Going to the quality…well…

The general quality of the apps leaves something to be desired, but the good ones are really good. It is missing mainstream ones and has never really got developer interest right from the very beginning. Nevertheless, there are still tens of millions of people wanting apps. It could still be pretty lucrative if you make a good enough app that’s decently priced at Nokia Store.

“Apps By Nokia” Section now appears on Marketplace for Lumia Windows Phones

Well here’s a pleasant suprise. Opened the marketplace today and saw a new “Apps by Nokia” Section.My HTC HD7 had an “HTC Apps” section in the marketplace so I was wondering why Nokia didnt have one. The section is basically apps for Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones, like Nokia Maps, Contacts transfer, TuneIn radio, etc but might vary according to region.

For example, the Indian Lumia 800 has an app called IndiPoynt, which is a regional version of the Poynt app.

Nuance buys Vlingo to improve voice control in electronic devices

Nuance, the folks who bought Swype in October and also are behind what makes Siri works has gone and bought Vlingo – the voice control application folks have been enjoying on Symbian for a long time (as well as BlackBerry and Android). I remember how cool it was the first time using it. It wasn’t perfect but it opened up new possibilities of phone interaction.

The amount Vlingo has been purchased for is unspecified. The aim of the purchase is to create natural language interfaces for multitude of devices.

Voice control isn’t useful all the time, but then it does have situations where it can be very useful – possibly THE most useful form of input. It just needs to be more natural.

The first thing to break is the need to even press a button. How would it know when you’re addressing it? Perhaps a keyword like Xbox Kinect – saying “xbox” blah blah (though that then breaks the whole natural thing, unless you can of course call your phone a name, lol). e.g. Hey Lumia, open my uni notes from yesterday please, and send a copy to group 23

CES 2012, Microsoft’s last CES Keynote as it Tangoes with Nokia

Nokia hasn’t had a big presence at CES since what, 2007? Next year they’re supposed to mark a return (well to both CES and MWC).

A big player who’s always there annually is Microsoft. Whilst both are expected to share big news at CES, it will apparently be Microsoft’s last CES Keynote. They’ll still be there but just no more keybote or booths after 2012 because the time of CES does not align with their product cycles. It’s kinda like a once in a lifetime planetary alignment between Nokia and MS at CES for 2012 as the two Tango for the expectant crowd.

So instead of going the way of everyone because that’s the way they and everyone else has always done it, they seem to be breaking off and setting their own schedule, possibly with the aim of aligning to the changing dynamics of their consumers as they so put.

we have decided that this coming January will be our last keynote presentation and booth at CES. We’ll continue to participate in CES as a great place to connect with partners and customers across the PC, phone and entertainment industries, but we won’t have a keynote or booth after this year because our product news milestones generally don’t align with the show’s January timing.

As we look at all of the new ways we tell our consumer stories – from product momentum disclosures, to exciting events like our Big Windows Phone, to a range of consumer connection points like Facebook, Twitter, and our retail stores – it feels like the right time to make this transition.

So instead of feeling they have to announce something and possibly having consumers wait much longer or reveal things far too soon they will set their announcements closer to when they’re ready to push and create the right and appropriately timed momentum.

According to some rumours, Nokia tango would be announced for CES/MWC with Apollo coming in June. Last we heard from Nokia’s Comms Director, Nokia were going to make it in a big way at MWC. There are other things apart from Windows Phone on Nokia’s plate. Belle should be available in February for previous Anna/S^3 devices. Perhaps we might see what else they’re getting up to on Nokia’s own OS efforts.

Let’s also hope we see Nokia continue to make some presence in CES in the coming years too

Symbian Belle is now Nokia Belle

If you have read Nokia Conversations today, you would have noticed that they are calling the next iteration of Symbian, which was previously called Symbian Belle, as Nokia Belle!


When & why did Symbian Belle get renamed to Nokia Belle we don’t know yet, as this is the first instance that Nokia has called it as Nokia Belle. And this cannot be a mistake either, as they have specifically mentioned that it was previously called Symbian Belle!

You can read the Nokia Conversations post mentioning the renaming here –

Nokia Conversations says Belle is coming soon, N8 shipping with belle, confirms February 2012 for existing devices.

Nokia has just announced that  Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle) update is coming to Nokia N8, E7, E6,  X7, C6-01, C7 & Oro smartphones starting from February 2012. With this announcement Nokia has detached the Symbian name from the title of its most awaited update, so from now all upcoming Symbian updated will be named after Nokia.


Straight from Nokia Conversations:

“The all new Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle) user interface will soon be available for download to some existing smartphones and begin shipping with a selection of smartphones that are already on the market.

Launched earlier this year with Nokia 701Nokia 700 and Nokia 603 smartphones, the UI has received lots of positive feedback from our customers.

The enhanced versions of Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 have now started their journey from the factories to the shops with Nokia Belle preinstalled, arriving first in China, then around the world.

For those already owning a Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, and Nokia Oro, the wait for Nokia Belle is almost over. Starting in February 2012, Nokia will release the all new Nokia Belle software update to existing customers and you’ll be able to download it right on to your phone, bringing a whole heap of improved features.

Nokia Belle brings you more home screens, expanding the current three home screens you get with Nokia Anna to six. That’s more screen real estate to host your apps and widgets.

The home screen widgets have been improved and made more functional than before. Plus some of them, such as the email widget, give now much more information making reading emails much easier at a glance.

For more details on Nokia Belle, we’ve got all the facts, features and pictures in a previous post.“


“Lumia Music” is super cool music vsualization app for Windows Phones devices. The app is available over  Marketplace in both free and paid versions.

App Description:

Don’t keep staring at album art when you’re playing music. You deserve to see stunning visuals. This app provides Lumia visuals when it hears sounds from microphone… Its amazing visuals can keep you entertained while listening to music, and will keep people staring at your phone.

The app is available in both Full Paid and Free Trial versions, Trial version is ad supported with full functionality.

Update 1.1:

  • Added LEDs/Bars visualizations
  • Select music from your playlists

“Lumia Music” Free at Marketplace



 “ShakePic” is nice local photo sharing app for Nokia developed by NYP, allows users to share photos between devices running ShakePic app. The app is compatible with  Symbian and MeeGosmartphones, and is available for free at Nokia Store.


ShakePicPro Demo:

YouTube Link: –



  • App must need to be installed over devices you are going to share
  • Symbian Belle users will need to first turn on the WiFi from the setting
  • Please ensure that you do not have any existing WIFI connection on your phone while using this app



“ShakePic” for Meego

“ShakePic” for Symbian