New Facebook app for Symbian – Facinate

Another Nokia Store app related news. This time we hear of a new facebook app for Symbian, currently the main recommended app right now is fMobi but it’s always good to see new facebook apps (or new of any type) as it forces all apps of that kind to improve.

Anyway, this app for Symbian is called fascinate. As Ali pointed out last week, when you select a device in the web store, you will be asked what your version of Symbian is, even if you say N8 it will still ask if you have Belle in it (though officially none of us should :p).

The Developer blurb:

facinate is a free (forever-ever) facebook client that can do everything you’d expect it to do plus:
– Works on a Nokia 5800 or Nokia 700. Nobody is left out!
– Has a really unique, swipable user interface. Totally cool, sweet, fast and useful.
– CHAT. srsly? y, 24 / 7. omg, so kewl. c u.
– Home screen – and a really good looking one!
– Notifications on your home screen! Never miss out on your friend ’s birthday again.


Looking at the reviews, there’s an interesting one from belle leaker and early demoer, dannycanrock:

Amazing app

1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars by dannycanrock on a Nokia N8-00 1 hour ago

Amazing just need a little bit more work on

When I unpack the rest of my stuff I’ll put this on my to check out list :) There’s plenty


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