Rumours: June 2012 – Best camera phone on the planet, Nokia WP to replace N8…


Now we had first heard that the Nokia Lumia 900 was going to have a better camera than the Nokia Lumia 800. Pretty standard since we are still to reach the levels of the N8 again.

Later there were rumours that the N8 successor would come in both Symbian and Lumia WP flavours.

According to a “trusted source” of  TechPinas, there will be indeed a N8 successor that has WP (though it still doesn’t discount that there would be another n8 successor in Symbian)

2012 will be the year of Nokia Windows Phones. There’s a NokiaWindows Phone to be announced in June that will replace Nokia N8 as the best cameraphone on the planet

The Nokia 900 is expected to be announced early 2012, and thus shortly availably thereafter. This suggests that the Lumia N8 successor is a different phone. I hope the 900 can still beat the other WPs though. There’s no room for excuses this time. This is Nokia’s second round of WPs.

Elop has always stated that what we see in the N8 is a fraction of the brilliance possible at Nokia’s labs. With that fraction it has ruled the all other camera phones and other digital cameras. We want to see more in 2012 please.


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