Stable version of Nokia Store client v3.20.050 is now available for all Symbian Anna/Belle smartphones via OTA. Betalabs team has also released Nokia Store QMLclient v3.20.050 beta, with some improved logic which will only prompt you once when upgrading from this release to the next one.


Couple of days ago Betalabs team released a updated beta version (v3.20.049) of Nokia Store QML client for Symbian Anna/Belle smartphones. Today a final and stable version (v3.20.050) of the store client is made available to all Symbian Anna/Belle smartphones via OTA.

To update just fire-up Nokia Store client in your device and it will automatically prompt you for the update!

Nokia Store v3.20.050 Direct Download Link!

Update: – Betalabs team just released Nokia Store QML client  v3.20.050 beta matching the deployed commercial version.

Update 20.12.2011 – Version 3.20.050

“This version now matches what is being deployed commercially.  Compared to the 049 beta version, there is improved update logic in this version so that you are only prompted once when upgrading from this release to the next one“

Download the Nokia Store v3.20.050 beta from Betalabs



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