Microsoft and Nokia were in talks to jointly bid on RIM?

Did you hear the hubbub about Amazon supposedly being interested in buying RIM? What’s that got to do with a Nokia blog? Well it’s quite big news but something closer to home is that apparently Microsoft AND Nokia were going to make a JOINT bid on BlackBerry makers RIM.

According to WSJ, Nokia and Microsoft were both flirting with RIM. Now this time last year, Nokia were in discussions with all three already but for a different sort of partnership. We all know what happened there. This time, Nokia and MS were supposedly going to make a joint bid for RIM says ‘people familiar with the matter’. lol.

What’s to gain from this? Patents? Key BlackBerry services? What additional special treatment would Nokia get being a joint owner? Interesting things to speculate. Quite likely not to happen.

From what I’ve read on the Amazon-RIM stories, RIM’s board wants RIM to get back to its own feet on their own, capitalize on remaining assets rather than be taken over.


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