T-Mobile Lumia 710 now $39.99 with free accessories

T-Mobile's Lumia 710 is now just $39.99

It was pretty exciting to hear that the Nokia Lumia 710 would be debuting on T-Mobile at a dirt-cheap price of $49.99, but it’s even sweeter to hear that it’s even cheaper now.  T-Mobile has dropped the 710 down to $39.99 and is also throwing in some free accessories to boot.  If you switch to T-Mobile or add a new line of service, not only will you get the Lumia 710 for forty bucks, but you will receive a black gel skin, car charger and a Motorola Bluetooth headset for free.  If you are looking for a solid 4G phone at a reasonable price, this just might be the deal for you.




Quick heads-up, Nokia Store mobile client for Nokia Series40 devices updated to v2.18.0. Its previous version was v2.4.0.

To update just fire-up the Nokia Store client on you Nokia S40 series device and it will automatically prompt you for the update. The updated Nokia Store client now has new Splash screen and new UI with Nokia branding allover, which makes it faster and easier to discover, download and collect great apps, games and more. Do let us know if you find any thing new – In your comments!

Nokia Collection being added to the Windows Phone Marketplace

WP Central

For some the Nokia Collection area of the Marketplace has been featuring all of the OEM apps available for Windows Phone (much like HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. have on their handsets), but for others this collection of apps has been missing since the Lumia handsets have been released.

We’ve had the Nokia Collection missing from our European handsets, but our U.S. colleagues have had access to the collection. Our Staff  has just noticed the additional menu entry just above ‘applications’ (see above screenshots) being made available, but I still can’t see anything on the Lumia 710 (unlocked) or 800 (unlocked and carrier locked). Though the Nokia apps can be found via Marketplace search, should a reinstallation be required.

Let us know if you’re able to access the Nokia Collection on your Nokia Windows Phone in the comments.

City Lens: Augmenting Reality Everywhere. For Nokia Anna and Belle Devices in Nokia Beta Labs!

A new way to easily find information and services on the go

Have you ever wished you could spot the closest restaurant or ATM? Nokia City Lens is a fun and easy way to discover what is around you. Simply launch the app on your phone and City Lens will display the points of interests in the Camera viewfinder view/ List view. Nokia City Lens connects you to what you’re looking for – and more – exactly when and where you want it. With City Lens you can:

  • Select your interests in many different categories – City Lens will filter the points of interests and present your choices
  • Know your options – get details, read reviews of restaurants and hotels
  • Enjoy the place – with one tap you can make a reservation, or navigate to the location via turn by turn walking map

Update 30.1.2012 –  The name of Nokia Live View is changed to Nokia City Lens .


This beta software is still under development, may have bugs, and is published for testing and feedback purposes. By installing it you agree to the Nokia Beta Labs Terms & Conditions. When using this application, obey all laws and respect local customs, privacy and legitimate rights of others, including copyrights. Copyright protection may prevent you from copying, modifying, or transferring images, music, and other content.

Device Compatibility

Verified on: Nokia C7, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8
Not verified, but should work:
 Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 Astound and Nokia X7
Supported software releases:
  Symbian Anna and Belle

Note:If your device is still on the Symbian PR1.x software release, we strongly recommended that you update the device to the Anna software release.

If you see install issues with this update, then please uninstall the below two files and install this new version of the City Lens client.

Menu -> Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps. -> Live View or City Lens (if exists, press & hold and select uninstall)
Menu -> Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps. -> Live View Installer or City Lens Installer (if exists, press & hold and select uninstall)

Download Instructions

First it is required to uninstall the Live View Client, so please uninstall the below two files if they exists

Symbian Belle users

Menu -> Settings -> Installations -> Already Installed -> Live View (press and hold -> remove)
Menu -> Settings -> Installations -> Already Installed -> Live View Installer(press and hold -> remove)

Symbian Anna users

Menu -> Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps. -> Live View (press & hold and select uninstall)
Menu -> Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps. -> Live View Installer (press & hold and select uninstall)

Make sure you have active data connection or you are in reach of WLAN coverage during the installation process. Installation uses Symbian Smart Installer, which will download and install required components if needed. Additional download may be required based on your phone configuration.

download (.sis 1.24MB)

Nokia Lumia Twitter Round up !

Twitter Art

If there’s one thing that defines my phone activity, right after calling, messaging and Facebooking, it’s tweeting.  I love Twitter because the service contains all my little sub-communities around my hometown, my mobile geek friends and even my community management colleagues.

Looking around the Windows Marketplace, the Twitter client landscape is blooming. There are so many clients that offer so many different features, it’s hard to weed out the best of the best. Well, lucky for you, I’ve tried a load and I’m here to break down the Twitter Windows Phone landscape for you.

RowiRowi: My pal Ricky Cadden was the first to suggest Rowi to me. This full-featured Twitter app has one advantage that I really like – a Live Tile that updates with mentions and direct messages when they come in to my Twitter inbox.

Rowi supports only one Twitter account at a time. However, the app made a fan out of me because of its use of text and images in displaying text. There are three basic homescreens in Rowi, including timeline, mentions and messages. You can add other homescreens if you want, including others’ timelines and searches.

When you compose a message, you have the option to reveal your geolocation data. My only complaint about Rowi is that scrolling is slow when browsing a list of Tweets. Also, the app could benefit from pre-fetching before I switch timeline views.

I’ve been told by the developer that a new version is coming that will address these issues.  I look forward to seeing it.

BirdsongBirdsong. Birdsong is a popular client amongst Windows Phone users. This powerful app lets you sign in to multiple Twitter accounts and even configure your homescreen with up to five timelines including search  or even list results.

Birdsong also supports inline photo viewing for services such as TwitPic, yfrog, Flickr, Plixi and moby.

Direct Messages are shown in a very attractive threaded view along with Twitter conversations housed in @ reply messages. Bing Maps integration is also built in along with an inline browser, meaning you don’t have to exit the application to view links.

Overall, I found Birdsong to be a very capable Twitter client that scrolled quickly and kept up with my fast navigation between screens.  One gripe is that text was awfully big, meaning I had to do a lot of scrolling to see all my messages.



Official Twitter Application: The Twitter app is on a par with the official Twitter applications on other platforms. The official app goes against the minimalistic user experience of Rowi and Birdsong, opting for a bright blue and white look to the application.

There are four main home screens including timeline, mentions, messages and lists. Adding lists as a homescreen by default is a nice touch as some Twitter power-users depend on lists to keep their Twitter herd organized.

I found the Twitter app to be responsive and quick at all times. The official app doensn’t support Live Tiles or multiple Twitter accounts, but it covers the basics very well and with speed and responsiveness.

SeesmicSeesmic: If you’re looking for something different when it comes to Twitter clients on your Nokia Lumia, Seesmic should be on your list.

Seesmic is unique because not only does the app support Twitter, it can also be useful to SalesForce Chatter and Facebook users as well.

Looking at the Twitter integration, Seesmic has the obvious timeline, replies, messages and list views. However, on the launch page, Seesmic has a concept of Spaces, which can be defined as customized homescreens for your social dashboard. Very cool.

Live Tiles are supported with Seesmic and can be customized so you can see replies and direct messages as unique tiles.  This is very handy for power Twitter users. Seesmic is one of the few apps that supports fast app switching, meaning you can go in between apps and resume Seesmic quickly.

Which apps are you finding useful for tweeting?

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems Considered Solved by Nokia, Other Bugs Still Exist… !

Nokia Lumia 800 has had a bit of a rough history since its launch, being plagued by battery issues , that were supposedly corrected by a software update, that for some users made the matters worse. Nokia is claiming that the second fix it offered really solves the issue, but now people are complaining about audio and camera issues.

The update that Nokia discussed recently is version 1600.2483.8106.11500, that was supposed to increase standby time and bring an improvement to the battery issues reported by customers in December. What the customers have been complaining about is the fact that the handset wasn’t able to access the full battery charge capacity correctly. Audio and camera settings are now the issues to address in future updates, although Nokia didn’t provide any exact time frame for those.

In the meantime the Finns recommend you use the original Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16 or the Nokia Charging and Data Cable CA-185CD that came with the phone, so they supposed that some of the users have been using some other chargers, if you ask me what this phrase means. There’s also a Diagnostic app here, designed for internal resting purposes and Nokia recommends that you find extra battery information in the Settings>System>Battery saver area.

App your way to better skiing – Best ski apps on the Marketplace and Nokia Store


App your way to better skiing – Best ski apps on the Marketplace and Nokia Store

Here’s our five top apps for Windows Phone, MeeGo and Symbian platforms, including instant weather reports, piste and resort conditions and virtual ski school videos.

All are available from Windows Marketplace and or the Nokia Store.

The North Face Snow Report

This quality app, available on Windows and Symbian, comes equipped with up-to-date information based on your current location. It comes preset with five of the most popular ski locations in Europe, but you can add your own destinations by pressing the handy bold red + button.

With your location selected, it presents you with a summary report of the condition of the resort, weather, quality of the slopes and trail maps of the area. The best feature of the app is tracking your day’s progress according to the condition of the slopes.

Use it to plan exactly how many layers you will need. This app has saved me bringing three sets of thermals!


Ski School for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

New from Elatemedia is a cracking lesson tool for Symbian phones, it provides educational videos for all ability levels. Three separate apps are available: beginner, intermediate and advanced. As I have not been near a slope for six years, I chose advanced, because I’m that good!

The videos guide you step-by-step through the motions of how you should conduct turns properly, teaching you the basics, or reiterating them again if you just need a gentle reminder of technique. Darren Turner is your instructor, and makes everything instantly understandable.

Watch it in your chalet the night before you hit the slopes and get a head start.

A free Ski School ‘Lite’ addition is also available for Lumia: have a taster here.



Available on Lumia, SkiersApp is the ultimate tool for braggers. It tracks your downhill skiing statistics on the go, so you can compete with your mates to see who was the fastest and who experienced the highest G-forces!

Top features include:

– Speed (including your maximum speed)

– Height changes

– G-force

– Running time and distance

My favourite feature is the sharing of ski runs, marked by Nokia Maps GPS. Upload your favourite runs straight to Facebook and Twitter, immediately after finishing one. You can also chat with Facebook friends direct from the slopes, with Skreeky, and update them on your most graceful tumble.


Ski Guide

Only for the Nokia N9, the Ski Guide is an ideal tool to display the nearest ski resorts in a clear and concise way. It links with slope webcams so you can view the condition of slopes and updates with live information regarding the condition of lifts and current snow conditions.

When launched, the application tracks the users location via GPS and displays the nearest ski resorts that are open or closed at the time. More in-depth resort facilities and services information can then be viewed, so if you are after the closest hot chocolate to you, look no further.



Exclusively for Symbian, Skiinfo is the perfect tool for instant bite size information on the weather, slope conditions and service updates within your resort. It saves automatically and you can add your own resort, saving it instantly to your most recent list.

If it means the difference between bringing a face mask, hat and scarf, or just your sunglasses, this app will save the day if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Widget update: Dynamic email widgets for Nokia Belle

If you remember, we earlier posted a leak news on some upcoming new apps and dynamic widget support  for Nokia Belle. Well, we just got the news that Nokia Email Client for Belle devices got some update packages that adds new dynamic email widget to the client. Also you need to install this package first before installing recently released Microsoft Business Apps.


Nokia Dynamic Email Widget for Belle Devices

Alternate Download Link!

Nokia Belle coming soon page removed from Nokia Vietnam’s site.

This was pointed out a few times in comments and emails, but the Official Belle page that said it was coming 8th February to existing S^3/Anna devices has now disappeared.

It could have just been moved somewhere else but I’m yet to find the moved page.

Original Link:



As announced back in Sep 2011 , Microsoft Business Apps are now made available for Nokia Belle smartphones  via software update .  Microsoft Apps update is a collection of Microsoft business productivity applications- includes Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft Lync 2010 MobileMicrosoft PowerPoint Broadcast and Microsoft Document Connection. (Update: Direct Download Link Added)

microsoft one note for symbian belle

Microsoft Lync, One Note and Office available for Belle?

List of Microsoft Apps available for Symbian Belle Smartphones:

  • Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Mobile – for cost efficient IM, presence, audio and web meetings on-the-go.
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® Broadcast – quick broadcast of presentations directly from PC to mobile.
  • Microsoft® OneNote™ – rich note taking with images. Syncs with Microsoft® SkyDrive®.
  • Microsoft® Document Connection – single view to documents stored on mobile, including email attachments as well as documents on Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 sites.
The  Microsoft Apps are available through software update, just connect your Belle smartphone toNokia Suite or Nokia Software Updater PC application to update.
Note: – It may take some time before the update is made available for your region.



Launched in Dec 2011, Nokia’s latest Series 40 Touch-and-Type phone Asha 300 is now available for purchase in India  from online retailers like Flipkart, Nokia Online Shop and also through Nokia Priority dealers.

Nokia announced the device back in October, The beautifully designed Nokia Asha 300 is a touch device which also offers the convenience of a keypad,  has a powerful 1GHz processorand 3G to deliver a faster Internet and social networking experience. Features a 2.4-inch display, a 5.0MP fixed focus camera, Bluetooth and upto 32 GB MicroSD card support. Users have fast access to messaging, email and instant messaging from the home screen and can swipe to access apps, music or games from the Nokia Store. The Nokia Asha 300 also arrives preloaded with the popular Angry Birds Lite game.

Key Features:

  • Fast internet connection powered by 3G, HSPA and 1GHz processor
  • Nokia Messaging with push email and IM
  • Touch interface combined with keymat is perfect for texting and IM
  • Easy access to favorite social networking sites
  • Angry Birds Lite pre-installed
  • Nokia Browser for fast and more affordable browsing
  • Easy access to local and relevant content
  • Great selection of apps and games from Nokia Store
  • MP3 music player
  • 5 Mpix camera with video recording
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Large phone book for up to 2000 contacts
  • USB charging
  • Nokia Life Tools (in selected countries)

Standard Sales Package Includes:

  • Nokia Asha 300 handset
  • Nokia Battery BL-4U, 1110 mAh
  • Nokia Compact Charger
  • Nokia Charger AC-11 (global)
  • User guide
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102

Nokia Asha 300 is available for Rs. 6,835 at Flipkart in India.  

Nokia Asha 300 is available for Rs. 6,999 at Nokia Store in India.  


lumia 800_2

Nokia Australia has announced on their official Facebook page that Nokia’s first Windows Phonedevice Lumia 800 is coming to Australia in March 2012. The device will be available from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and major retailers from March.

Nokia Australia’s managing director, Chris Carr, said:

“Interest locally for Nokia Lumia, our first range with Windows Phone devices, has been extremely positive, There is a significant appetite from operators and retailers looking to offer consumers a real smartphone alternative.”

“Nokia Lumia will change the way people think about Nokia,” Mr Carr said. “It signifies a new beginning for the company, bringing together the very best of Nokia’s handset design and services with the latest Windows Phone software.”

Nokia Lumia 910 with 12MP camera listed on Dutch site

A Dutch phone retailer  has listed unannounced Nokia Lumia 910 Windows Phone sporting a 12 megapixel camera over their product page.

Lumia 910?

The product page clearly mention Lumia 910 with  16GB of Storage, a 12MP camera all matching to rumored specs, the rest of the specs and features remained the same with 4.3″ AMOLED Gorilla Glass CBD display, 1.4GHz processor and  Mango OS. However, the point to be noted here is the image they used for the device – If you zoom-in you can clearly spot  AT&T  branding. Nokia Lumia 910 with 12 MP camera without LTE was rumored to come Europe sometime in May.

Six-sided gaming with ilomilo and Nokia Lumia Phones.


It’s Sunday, which means there’s no work. This might also mean you’ve got time to enjoy some gaming action on your Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 800. Ilomilo is a 3D puzzle game built from cubes and where two friends named ilo and milo must be reunited. Are you up for the challenge?

ilomilo £3.99 ($4.99)

Ilo and Milo are two friends who, for some reason, keep getting separated and end up on different sides of the park. You must control Ilo and Milo individually and navigate them through a path covered with shiny items – you must collect these, by the way – until they meet in a warm embrace. Together again, forever. Well, until the next level, anyway.


The controls are simple. There’s the four arrow keys on the left of the screen that are used to navigate the friendly-duo, and on the bottom right-hand side of the screen is the switch button. This will switch your character from Ilo to Milo and back again whenever you need.


There are little tricks you must perform along the way that you’ll need to perform in order to complete the level. Moving special cubes to fill empty holes helps you bridge any gaps that appear, and keep your eye out for red carpets that drape over the sides. These make it possible for you to walk off one side of the cubes and on to one of the other five sides.

As with any Xbox Live title, the achievements you make throughout the game will be added to your Xbox Live gamer profile for some competitive fun with your friends.

Download ilomilo from the Windows Phone Marketplace on your Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 800 and use the comments section below to let us know what you think of the game.

Official: Nokia Belle coming on 8th February 2012 !

nokia belle

Nokia had already confirmed last month that Belle update is coming to Nokia N8, E7, E6,  X7, C6-01, C7 & 500 devices starting from February 2012. Now we have the date, according to Nokia Vietnam website, Nokia Belle will be available for existing Nokia N8, C7, E7, X7, E6, C6-01 devices starting from 8th February 2012.

Mark this in your diaries.

8th February 2012.


As Nokia Belle is a major update, the device can only be upgraded using Nokia Suite or Nokia Software updater PC application, no OTA update here!

Just noted – Nokia 500 is absent from the list and E7 got mentioned twice …eh..!