Nokia Lumia 900 to be announced tomorrow, ‘sleek metallic’

The New York Times has an interesting article on how the Windows Phone platform came to be, acknowledging that surprisingly Microsoft has scored praises expected from an Apple product, calling Windows Phone a gem. They also say that it needs to be a blockbuster hit for both Nokia and Microsoft.

In that article, they confirm the Nokia Lumia 900 coming to AT&T to be announced at CES tomorrow (Monday). They are also quite specific on how the Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘sleek metallic’. So there goes the whole polycarbonate series. Are they putting metal in because it’s ‘higher end’. If so, along with that bigger screen, front camera etc, it should have a better camera right? Well, no according to dsmobile.

Just to reiterate what was mentioned in the last post. Unless I’ve misinterpreted from this post:

At the end we added a comment from dsmobile where he says,

“Lumia 900 has same camera as Lumia 800.”

Now it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a bad experience with that camera. I still seem to have a camera issue when recording video indoors and it just cannot find the appropriate lock, and the pictures are just ‘meh’. I think mine’s faulty as the camera reviews for the 800 were a little bit more positive that I would have been.


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