Great sound recording from Nokia N9 !!

We’ve said this plenty of times, but something extremely overlooked in video recording (in addition to the quality of video, you know, some competition just like saying they do 1080p even though it’s shit) is audio. It is quite startling how bad the audio recording quality is of some competition. It’s like it’s 2003 for some of them.

Nokia however, has always been class leading. In this example, Jari (who shared this in  one of the comment sections) was at a gig last year with his Nokia N9. The Nokia N9 does proper stereo recording (with actual left right separation as opposed to N8 with has front and side). I was amazed actually as first I thought Jari just put a normal mp3 track on. It only sounds like it’s recorded when you hear the crowd.

I think it might be better than the N8 at recording very, very loud sounds. I can’t confirm this, it’s just the last time I was at a gig with the N8, it just cracked at the top end (that and of course the bass was just ridiculous).

That crackling in the N8 is demonstrated here. I’ve not uploaded mine, this was at that very early Rihanna gig (prior to launch of N8).

I can’t tell if that’s the wind or whether it can’t handle the recording. The sound is just like what you’d hear if you were recording on a windy day.



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