Nokia City Scene

Quick heads-up, A new beta version of  ‘Nokia City Scene’ app for N9 is now available over Nokia Store. The new version brings landscape mode and extended support for favorite feature.

New Features:

  • Landscape mode
  • Favorites you create in City Scene will be visible in as well as in your N9 Maps app, and vice versa
  • Some services are described much more in detail: reviews, opening hours, images etc.

The application is available at Nokia Store.

Note: The update requires device firmware PR1.1 (20.2011.40.4) or later. If you’re not sure which firmware you have, you can find it at: Settings->About product. If you are still running PR1.0, you can check if there would be an update for your device: Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Updates.


On your device:

Easiest way to get or update the application is to start the “Store” application on your N9 and search for “City Scene”.

With a desktop browser:

Alternatively you can donwload it by opening, logging into Nokia Store and pressing “Send to mobile”.

3D Cities available now : –  Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco

Please share your feedback to betalabs here!


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