Snake ’97 transports your Nokia Lumia into the 90s

Nokia Snake on a Nokia 6510

The Nokia Snake game is a classic that kickstarted the whole mobile-gaming scene back in 1997. If you had a phone in the late 90s, the chances are you had this game – or several of your friends did. You can still play our online Nokia Snake game, but what if you’re offline? Snake ’97 is available for your Nokia Lumia and recreates the old favourite, right on your phone.

There are lots of snake games on the market, but none of them capture the feel that you had with the classic game on the old Nokia phones. Besides, Snake ’97, that is.

As far as interfaces are concerned, this one is just perfect. Your touchscreen is transformed into a replica of a Nokia 5110, with the keys positioned at the lower part of the screen. It turns retro gaming into an art form.

Nokia Lumia Snake 97 Nokia Lumia Snake 97 settings

The black snake appears above the keys on the bright green screen, as it did back in the 90s. To control the snake, use the buttons below to navigate the snake in the direction of the black dots, which it will eat. Careful, though, crash into the walls and your game is over.

You can control the difficulty level by hitting the settings key on the virtual keypad. By increasing the level, your snake will travel faster.


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Exclusive to AT&T in the USA

This is the most realistic Nokia Snake game we’ve ever come across. The sound effects are identical, the gameplay is exactly as it was back in the day and the replica Nokia phone interface makes you feel nostalgic.

Grab Snake ’97 from the Windows Phone Marketplace for £0.79 and get retro-gaming.

Are you finding this as fun as we are? Let us know, below.


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