Nokia Belle: the benefits, and why you need it

Here at Nokia Tweet we’ve always been excited by how much Nokia Belle transforms the Nokia smartphone user experience. But, besides a shiny new interface, what exactly does Nokia Belle, formerly known as Symbian Belle bring new to the table? Here’s what…

Nokia N8: Why you need to upgrade to Nokia Belle

In an attempt to show Nokia fans the benefits, the guys over at All About Symbian lassoed together all the important bits you need to know about how and why it’s worth updating to Nokia Belle.

With each reason ordered by desirability of the writer (in his own opinion), the guide, titled “Our guide to the Symbian Belle update” makes for an interesting read.

Top of the bill was better memory management, leading to none of the “memory full” errors sometimes seen on older Symbian handsets. Other highlights included full NFC functionality letting owners of NFC-compatible Nokia phones exchange photos and contacts by tapping another.

Homescreen widgets that let you jump into apps from the homescreen, a new drop-down notification bar, better web browser, updates to the Camera app, and more were among the new features that make Nokia Belle an essential update.

All About Symbian have also been kind enough to point out some potential teething problems, or “caveats” such as application compatibility. If you’ve updated to Nokia Belle, you’ll find that many third party apps were designed for older versions of Symbian. So keep an eye out for unexpected cosmetic changes to some apps. They also found that, at the moment, Skype does not work on Nokia Belle.

And then there’s the task of rearranging and setting up new shortcuts. With such a major operating change such as Nokia Belle, some items are bound to be stored differently. Though as All About Symbian has implied, there is a pleasure to be had from the new phone feeling.

For much more on all those reasons to download or wait for Nokia Belle to hit your phone, do check out the All About Symbian feature. It’s fair to say the benefits far outweigh any minor teething issues. We can’t wait for Nokia Belle to hit even more Nokia handsets such as the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7.


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