Nokia Lumia 710 – we’ve got one!

Yep, we’ve managed to get our hands on a boxed Nokia Lumia 710 . Before we dive into the nitty gritty of how the handset itself looks and feels, allow us to relay the moment the deep blue box came into our possession.

Looking around Nokia’s momentum map, we can’t help but feel a little envious. Sure, we love the Nokia Lumia 800, and we were among the first to get it . But in certain areas, such as the far east, they have the Nokia Lumia 800 AND the Nokia Lumia 710. Well, now we’ve got a Nokia Lumia 710 too! Check out our initial pics as we swiped one from Nokia HQ just days before it’s set to go on sale.

In case you didn’t know or had forgotten – perhaps the Nokia Lumia 800’s sleek looks hypnotised you or something – the Nokia Lumia 710 is Nokia’s affordable entry point to the Windows Phone platform.

Don’t let that make you think the Lumia 710 is the Lumia 800’s poor little brother, though – it matches the Nokia Lumia 800 in a number of key areas (processor, screen size) and strikes out with its own individual design quirks. We’ll be bringing you some more unboxing and hands-on pics soon, but for now we thought we’d show you the very first snaps of the Nokia Lumia 710 box in our grasp outside Nokia UK’s swanky Soho base. Isn’t it lovely?

Stay tuned for more – including, of course, our review. We already have a Nokia Lumia 800.Now Nokia Lumia 710 too in our collection arsenal.



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