Nokia Mexico site updated with Nokia Belle update instructions and Belle coming this week (Feb 8).


If you go on Nokia Mexico’s site, you will notice that they have some instructions for updating to Symbian Belle/Nokia Belle, with the N8 as the demo device.

There aren’t any dates here but it does look like the Nokia Vietnam Belle update page that disappeared.

We got tipped this it  also has a link that claims everything is still good to go for Feb 8. The blog has a screenshot from Nokia Care Spain.

In similar news, we were tipped in this link which is not yet working (and he notes this). He says 7th of February, which is today

Nokia Belle will be available for N8, E7, X7, E6, C6-01, C7 & Oro starting 7th of February!
Nokia 500 will have to wait a bit. By default it’ll have max. 4 homescreens, and a special version of Angry Birds

Latest Tip :- Nokia India also confirmed the Nokia Belle update this week!


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