Hack:-Android “Ice cream Sandwich” Now available for Nokia N9 !

We have already seen “Ice Cream Sandwich” running on Nokia N900 under project NITDroid. Modders have now succeeded in porting pre-alpha build of Android 4 “Ice CreamSandwich” to MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9.


Well, it looks tempting, but currently there’s no public release or guidance on how to dual-bootN9 between these platforms. As you guys know MeeGo is dead now, Nokia has shifted all its focus to Windows Phone platform for their primary smartphone OS, also the number of third-party apps for MeeGo platform is limited. This will be great news for N9 owner if  modders succeeded in porting the Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” fully on Nokia N9.

Currently progress is being partially documented over at Maemo.org, though it seems getting the N9′s hardware to work with with Android kernel on device has caused the most headaches. There’s also ongoing issues with getting OpenGL to work, without which the whole thing is unusable.


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