Nokia Maps Suit for Symbian Updated to V2.0 !

Quick heads-up, ’Nokia Maps Suite’ for Symbian smartphones updated to v2.0 over Betelabs. The latest release brings voice search, geo-tagged photo display, improved Route Planner, new widgetsand Maps 3.09 to the suite.

Whats new in v2.0

1-Find what you need with a tap:

In addition to fast, intuitive tools for finding your way, the new Maps makes accessing information and features faster than ever. Press and hold on a destination to choose how you want to get there—including public transport. And enjoy one-tap access to Places and Weather right from your Home screen.

2- Personalize the way you get around:

Nokia Maps now also makes your maps more personal than ever. Turn on Photos to see your snapshots of the places you’ve been placed along your map. Create customized routes for sightseeing or to avoid traffic. You can even save your favorite routes to access them later.

3- Navigate safer behind the wheel:

With new voice search capability, you can speak your destination for safer and easier searching while driving. New and improved landscape views in Weather and Drive make seeing what you need easier. And Weather now automatically shows you the weather for where you are, and can even show you what’s ahead.

4- Turn your map into a photo-blog:

Now you can choose to see your photos from places you’ve been placed right on your map. Using the geo-tagging information in photos taken on your phone, Maps will automatically place them in the locations they were taken where you can relive good times or even share them with friends.


Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 includes:

Drive icon Drive
Navigate more safely behind the wheel.
Maps icon Maps 3.09
Discover the world around you.
My location icon My Location Widget
Share where you are and explore places nearby.
Places icon Places Widget
Find what you need with a tap.
public transport
Public Transport
Plan your journey from here to there more easily.
Weather icon Weather
See weather in more cities and in landscape view.

Download Here (Require Log-in)


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