RUMOUR :- Nokia X7-like Nokia Lumia 805 with 12Mp camera and Tango platform !

Nokia Tweet has  tipped in with this image of possibly a Nokia X7 looking device but with Windows Phone.

It might be fake. I can’t really grasp the screen ratio from here but as you know being WP it has to have 800×480.

They’ve named it Nokia Lumia 805. The extra 5 perhaps due to the bigger screen. When introduced, the X7 was a bit of a unfair device, (made worse by the fact it was priced not that much less than the SGSII at the time). It does look better with Belle however than it did ever with Anna on board.

The camera at the back better not be EDoF, like the original.  Looks nice than ever !

The original poster reckons the specs are as follows (just passed through google translate)

  • 3.9-inch WVGA-the Clear Black AMOLED 
  • 16GB flash memory 
  • 1450 mAh battery, and Lumia 800 
  • 12 million pixel Carl Zeiss auto focus, dual LED

If it is 12MP, then this image might just be there for illustration purposes as the back of the camera (blurry as it is) looks more like it says 8MP.The sound of 1450mAh BATTERY for 3.9″ Lumia is bad.


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