NEW Widgets coming to Nokia Belle in Service pack-1 as “Minor Updates” !

Do you remember that post about Nokia Belle Widgets? The ones in addition to the official widgets?

Mario got the image above from an advert that linked to, perhaps for updating Belle. He noticed some new widgets that aren’ there by default. Here’s Mario’s message:

I was just looking up this Deezer thing (since Spotify is unavailable
in Poland) and it’s awesome, by the way! But along some article
covering Deezer hitting the shores of Poland (at last! Spotify, you
lost) there was this ad of Nokia Belle that I attached to this mail.
Don’t know if it’s really anything new or something you haven’t seen
yet, but it sure looked strange to me, and I’ve been using Belle for
some time now. I mean, look at those widgets! Weather widget? Map
widget? Gallery widget? Some social widgets that I’m seeing for the
first time.. Damn, Skype widget as well! And Flicker app?
Then there’s this bottom bar with some weird icons, especially Dialer app icon.

Don’t know what to think about it. Any help here?

I’d include the link to this article I found this ad on, but I’m sure
it wouldn’t display for you, as this ad is in Polish. But note that
the ad itself opens page upon clicking.

I’d appreciate any help with figuring it out, and sorry for low
resolution but this ad was just this small.

Is there going to be another little minor update to get those widgets do you reckon? Where’d the unofficial ones even come from anyway?



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