New Widgets coming soon for Nokia Belle Devices !

new widgets for belle from carbideNokia Tweet got the tip that new homescreen widgets like Mobile Data On/Off, 2G to 3G switch, Data Counter are coming to Nokia Belle devices. Check out the complete  list of widgets after break.

List of Belle widget elements over Carbide Tool:

  1. VPN On/Off
  2. Offline On/Off
  3. Mobile Data On/Off
  4. Silent On/Off
  5. 2G to 3G
  6. 3G On/Off
  7. Digital Clock (Looks like dynamic clock icon)
  8. Analog Clock (Looks like dynamic clock icon)
  9. Data Counter
  10.  Weather Widget
All these elements are present over Nokia Carbide tool running Belle plug-in v1.6 . We are not sure about this, but the presence of all these widget elements over Nokia’s theme development software indicates that these wigets will be made available for Nokia Belle devices in near future (or may be soon). What do you guys think, do let us know in your comments below.

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