RUMOUR :- Nokia Belle FP1 is Nokia Carla!

Many people have started tweeting us that the custom version v112 on the Nokia 808 is the Symbian Carla Software. We do not yet have any message from Nokia confirming this as the Carla Update. Nokia most probably might have changed the Nokia  Carla name to a more illusive and proper name by calling it ” Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1″. But kind personalities in Nokia Conversations have confirmed that this software will roll out as an update for Nokia 700,701 and 603. The new 1GHZ Symbian devices would be shipped pre installed with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 from May onwards.We also Hope this update even rolls out for first gen. S^3 devices too.We also have been hearing rumours that a lite version would be released for the father devices.Lets hope Nokia clarifies this issue soon. Here the Nokia browser is also updated in this software version v112 and the version of the browser is 8.2 to be accurate.

We would be posting more accurate and official news shortly. STAY TUNED TO OUR WEBSITE !


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