Nokia Belle FP1 explained (20 more widgets incoming)- IT WILL BRING CPU BOOST TO 700/701, FASTER BROWSER WITH HTML5 & MORE!

Nokia’s official blog Conversations by Nokia has just released the details of upcoming Symbian update Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. The update will brings improved entertainment options, personalisation choices and performance improvements to compatible devices.


Nokia Belle FP1

  • Will be made available for new production & current users of Nokia 603, 700 and 701 in coming months.
  • Will boost the entertainment experience.
  • Dolby ® Headphone and Dolby ® Digital Plus transform the playback of music, movies &  games into a personal surround sound experience.
  • Will bring ~20 new and improved widgets – having even more content easily accessible on your homescreens.
  • A new faster browser with HTML 5 support.
  • The latest version of Nokia Maps.
  • Recently announced Microsoft Apps available via over the air update.
  • Better notifications bar.
  • A refreshed multitasking bar.
  • Will increase Nokia 700 and 701 processor speed from 1GHz to 1.3GHz.

Read More over : 

Well, there are no words from Nokia, whether this Nokia Belle FP1 update will be made available to older S ^ 3 devices like Nokia N8, X7, E6 etc. 


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