Awesome Browsing capability by Nokia 808 Browser.( Version- 8.2) !

Nokia 808 PureView browser


It’s a whole new experience

Browsing feels brand new with Nokia 808 PureView. You’ll experience smoother web pages and faster downloads to make your mobile life online even more enjoyable.


Nokia 808 PureView browsing

Keep your world up to date

Faster web browsing means you can keep on top of what’s going on and stay updated with your social networks of friends and family. Doing stuff online is easier and more fun than ever.


Get more out of the web

Kitted out with a responsive touchscreen and increased processing power, Nokia 808 PureView lets you explore the best of the web, from high-speed instant messaging and social networks to the endless galleries and channels of Flickr and YouTube.


Clever, more connected browsing

Get more out of your browser with Nokia 808 PureView. When you search, you’ll find apps to enhance what you’re looking for. And, with apps like Flickr preloaded, you can share your location to find images taken in your local area – a great way to discover and explore new places


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