Nokia 808 PureView with Nokia Maps

Always get where you want

Nokia Maps is free, turn-by-turn navigation for over 100 countries, and comes preloaded with Nokia 808 PureView. Whether you’re on foot or on wheels, it’ll show you where you are and help you to where you’re going – with plenty of expert help, and local advice along the way.

Prepared for every journey

With Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Maps, you’ve always got the confidence to find, explore and discover the world around you. Whether you’re walking, driving or on public transport there’s literally millions of places for you to find quickly and easily.

Nokia 808 PureView weather forecasts

Weather the journey, wherever you are

An important part of travelling is that you know about the weather in advance. So Nokia 808 PureView brings you weather forecasts and local reports specific to the places and routes you’re travelling with Nokia Maps.

Satnav built in with Nokia Drive

As well as your walking and touring guide, Nokia 808 PureView is also a fully-equipped in-car satnav. Nokia Drive is turn-by-turn voice navigation that’s fully optimised for in-car use, and complete with safety features like speed camera and limit warnings. With online access to over 70 million places and routes, Nokia Drive is designed for smart, effortless car navigation.

Nokia 808 PureView with travel guides

It’s not where you’re at, it’s where you are

Wherever you are, it’s easy to find local places, events and offers with Maps. Discover great sights, unmissable events and the best places to eat and drink with partners like Michelin Guide, Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.  Wherever you are in the world, it’s your own personal guide.

Share where you are

Another great feature of Nokia Maps is the built-in ability to instantly, effortlessly share your location with friends and social networks. So, if you find a great little cafe tucked away somewhere, you can invite your friends along to join you – and you can do all of this from your Home screen.


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