Nokia number 1 in Indian mobile market Ranking (Nokia 808 PureView for Nokia India coming soon)


The Times of India reports that according to a study by CyberMedia, Nokia maintains their number 1 position of the Indian market with 31% of the market, followed by Samsung at 15% and MicroMax at 5%.

The Indian smartphone market has grown 87% to 11.2M units vs 6M the previous year. Nokia’s market share here is 38% with Samsung closer at 38%, RIM dropping to 3rd at 15%.

CyberMedia Research Lead Telecoms Analyst Naveen Mishra said,

In 2012, the proportion of smartphones with extended features like NFC and 3D gaming is likely to increase. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft and Nokia take their partnership to the next level with a new range of smart devices based on the Windows 7.5 Mango OS platform

Multisim phones saw an increase of 61%, accounting for 57% of overall shipments. Nokia’s introduction of dual-sim in 2011 allowed them to regain sales due to the huge demand for dual sim devices. Nokia’s own dual SIM handsets are very well made, with lots of useful features to take advantage of Dual Sim beyond simply being a phone that has two SIM cards.

India is hugely important to Nokia. Note that the new PureView is destined for India. You can see this listed here as a game changer.

We hope to see not just sales but continued halo effects from Nokia’s products that are exciting the market.


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