Sharing in every way

Nokia 808 PureView social sharing

Well connected and ready to go

As well as helping you to create amazing high definition images and videos, your Nokia 808 PureView makes it easy to share the results, with HDMI and DLNA outputs, NFC connectivity, Wi-Fi and social networks.

Put on a show

Shoot a fantastic video clip, then share it instantly on the big screen with your friends and family. The Nokia 808 PureView comes with HDMI and DLNA outputs, so it’s a breeze to hook it up to a Full HD TV and give your clip the big screen treatment, with pin-sharp clarity and vibrant colours.

Nokia 808 PureView with NFC sharing

Tap and share with NFC

Your Nokia 808 PureView comes equipped with NFC (Near Field Connectivity), a clever new technology that lets you share information with other NFC devices with a simple tap. So just by touching your Nokia 808 PureView with another device, you can instantly share pictures, video, music, contact info – whatever you like.

Share with your networks

Share your Nokia 808 PureView photos and videos to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RenRen) and email in real time. Nokia 808 PureView cleverly optimises photo file sizes for uploading, which makes sending and sharing images much faster.

Nokia 808 PureView with photo sharing

Give your images a new social life

You’ll know by now the Nokia 808 PureView is a big socialiser, so it comes ready to share photos and videos with all your favourite networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not only that, you can also find a range of brilliant image-sharing apps. GetMeRated gives you real-time feedback on your photos, Pikchur is a super-simple app to update your networks with pictures, Vimeo is a brilliant source of high-quality videos to watch and share, and Postcard on the Run helps you to create real postcards from your images.

Nokia 808 PureView with up to 48GB memory

More memory for all your memories

If you love to take lots of pictures and video, you’ll love the Nokia 808 PureView. It’s got a whopping 16GB of memory on board, which is simple to expand to 32GB or 48GB – so there’s more than enough room for all your memories.

Kit your Nokia 808 PureView out with the best

The Nokia 808 PureView also features a special range of accessories, including a tripod, hard protective cover with lens cap and a compact HDMI cable to show your images on the big screen.


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