How to reset your Nokia Lumia 800


The Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the most stable smartphones we’ve ever used – and believe us when we say we’ve tried a lot. However, as is the case with all complex computers (because that’s what a smartphone is), there may be a time when you find that the system has enough and seizes up. What then? Follow our Nokia Lumia 800 reset guide to get things back on track.

How to update your Nokia Lumia 800

Of course, the time-honoured reset method for most mobile phones is to physically remove and replace the battery, starving the phone of power and starting things up afresh. However, that’s not an option with the all-in-one Nokia Lumia 800 and its sealed-in battery.

Fortunately Nokia has included a couple of reset options, both initiated by a combination of button presses. Here’s how you initiate them both, starting with the so-called ‘soft’ reset, which is the equivalent of pulling out the battery in any other phone with a battery cover.

To initiate a soft reset, simply hold the volume down and power buttons down until the Nokia Lumia 800 restarts. Like we said – simple!

The hard reset is a bit more elaborate, which is a good thing really – hard resets completely wipe your phone and reset them to their starting state! We’d advise you to back your stuff up before doing this, but we guess the problem itself might prohibit you from doing that. That’s why it’s best to make a back-up while things are going well!

Anyway, the hard reset. If your phone can limp to the settings menu, then simply enter that and go to About, then Reset your phone. Easy. If your phone is completely unresponsive, though, you’ll need to hold down the camera button, power button and volume down button simultaneously. When the phone vibrates, hold down the volume down and camera buttons (removing your finger from the power button) for a further few seconds.

Your phone should restart in the same condition as when you very first booted it up.

Like we said at the outset, this is an extreme measure, and not one you should have to bother with if you have a fully up to date Nokia Lumia 800. At least, we’ve never had to! There are always exceptions, so it’s good to have this useful bit of knowledge ready for just such an eventuality.

Have you ever had to use either of the Nokia Lumia 800 reset methods? Did it work okay? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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