Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Spring Showcase games line-up revealed!

Just the other week we brought you news of six more exciting Xbox Live games coming to a Nokia Lumia near you this Spring. Now Microsoft has revealed its full Spring Showcase lineup, with a couple of exciting new additions. Read on to find out more.

6 more reasons for Nokia Lumia 710 gamers to get excited!

After February’s Must Have Games selection brought us such treats as BulletAsylum and Chickens Can’t Fly, we’re all set for another batch of addictive games this spring.

As we’ve told you already, this new line-up will include popular strategy board game Carcasonne, tower defence sequel GeoDefense Swarm, physics-based puzzler Gerbil Physics, Pinball FX 2 (you don’t need us to tell you what that’s about), old school blaster-with-a-twist Shoot1UP and revamped word puzzler Wordament.

You can add to that already impressive list Civilization Revolution, Dondonpachi, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and Pirates! We’re not shouting at you – that last game is just spelt with an exclamation mark. Here’s how the newbies shape up:

Civilization Revolution

If you’re a certain age of PC gamer, then you’ll know all about Sid Meier’s Civilization series. It’s a ridiculously engrossing strategy game series that can easily strip hundreds of hours from you. Now the series is coming to Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia – albeit in streamlined form. Choose from 16 civilizations and bid for technological, military, economic or cultural domination. Pac-Man this is not.

DonDonPachi Maximum

This is one of those crazy Japanese bullet-hell shoot ’em ups, as made by the current king of crazy Japanese bullet-hell shoot ’em ups – Cave. You know the kind of game: one that fills your phone’s screen with gorgeous neon lasers and hundreds of enemies to blast. The iPhone version, DonDonPachi Resurrection, went down very well indeed, but this will be an all-new and exclusive version. It’s out on March 7 – that’s tomorrow!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Whether you like playing footy games on your touchscreen smartphone or not, there’s no denying that the arrival of Pro Evolution Soccer on Windows Phone – the first major footy title to hit the platform – is big news. Konami’s series always plays a tight, fluid game, and could well provide the portable kick around you’ve been hankering for ever since picking up your Nokia Lumia phone.


As you might expect from a game called Pirates, 2K Games’s forthcoming title lets you live the life of a 24th century astronaut. Only joking. It’s all about living the life of a scurvy sea dog, getting into sea skirmishes, exploring tropical islands and clashing cutlasses with rivals – all in a lovely and lively open world. Pirates! should bring home the booty when it arrives on Windows Phone this spring.

Which of these new titles are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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