REVIEW :- Nokia Lumia 710 app: Vimeo review

Watching videos on your Nokia Lumia 710 is clearly a popular pastime – just look at the number of unofficial YouTube apps on the Marketplace for evidence. There’s another major online video provider on the scene, though: Vimeo. And unlike YouTube, this one’s now got an official Windows Phone application. Check out our Vimeo for Nokia Lumia 710 review.

Nokia Lumia 710: How to upload, store and share video in the cloud

As hinted at in the intro, the lack of an official YouTube app is one of the few remaining gaps in the Windows Phone Marketplace line-up. Fortunately there are excellent third party offerings like YouTube Pro to make up for that shortfall, but Vimeo has definitely been smart in getting its own highly accomplished app out relatively sharpish.

Indeed, Vimeo is a sufficiently different service to warrant downloading even if you are a confirmed YouTube addict. It offers a more tightly curated approach to video, with a generally much higher standard of film-making. If YouTube is all about empowering the everyman to grab their camera, Vimeo is all about empowering budding Christopher Nolans to show their work where people can see it.

Onto the app itself. It’s a highly polished portal onto the classy Vimeo service, and it feels perfectly at home on Windows Phone and your Nokia Lumia 710. The opening page shows a featured video as well as the core options to search for video content, upload it and access various account options.

Scrolling right (in now-classic Metro UI style) brings up the Featured section, which splits the Vimeo video content into easily digestible themes. These things like Independent films, pin-sharp Vimeo HD content, Music Videos and the like. Going into any of these brings up a simple selection of thumbnails containing stills from the videos they link to. It looks good, but they’re a little too vague to give you an accurate idea of what’s contained within.

Back to the main carousel, and a further step right will bring you to the Explore section, which lets you filter videos by broad themes – Art, Comedy, Animation or Nature, to name a few examples. Go into one of these and you’ll find a far more helpful breakdown of the separate videos, complete with a title and often a small description.

The video quality itself is generally very good indeed, though obviously Wi-Fi is the preferable (though not essential) connection method. We also like the interface, which provides information in a portrait view, with comments scrollable to the right. Once you hit play the view automatically switches to landscape to give you a full widescreen view.

As for the quality of the videos (it’s a subtle difference), well, as we said, Vimeo isn’t found wanting for high quality content. There really are some beautiful offerings here that you just won’t find on YouTube. Not easily, at least.

But we’ve barely touched upon Vimeo’s ace in the hole – the ability to upload your own video. Go into the Upload manager and hit the New button at the bottom, and you’ll be taken to a simplified camera app. There are no exposure or zooming options here, but you can still get some decent 720p results with the Nokia Lumia 710’s camera. Once complete you can choose to upload to your Vimeo account.

There are a few drawbacks with the upload experience. For one thing, you can’t upload previously shot footage – only that captured through the Vimeo interface. Secondly, uploading can take ages if you’re on the bog standard (free) Vimeo package, as you’ll find yourself placed in an upload queue. You’ll have to pay to upgrade to Vimeo Plus if you want to speed things up.

But while these annoyances are a little disappointing, they don’t detract too much from what is an excellent video player client. It really feels like you’re hooking into a community of film lovers every time you boot the app up and take a look around. Your move, YouTube.


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