Weather widgets for Nokia Belle updated! | MY NOKIA TWEET

Nokia Weather Widget

Hi All,

NOKIA released a new version of Weather Widget today. This version will enable you to uninstall the widget – once you install this new version, you can uninstall. For detailed instructions, please go to the Try It page.


Weather Widget Team; and


The Nokia Weather widget displays the current weather and forecast in your current location or any other selected city in the world. This package contains two versions of the widget – Weather now and Weather forecast. Weather now displays only the current weather information, Weather forecast displays also a two day forecast.


  • Search and select a fixed location. By default the widget displays the weather information of your current location.
  • Information is updated automatically every 3 hours for fixed locations and every hour otherwise.
  • Tap the widget to open the Weather application (part of Nokia Maps Suite 2.0) that shows detailed forecast. If Maps 3.09 or newer is installed, weather application will open forecast of the same location as is shown in widget. If you have not installed Nokia Maps Suite 2.0, the Weather application will always open to the detailed forecast for your current location.

Installation instructions for Nokia N8-00

Homescreen widgets update for Symbian Belle

  • Only Symbian Belle is supported.
  • Installation may take few minutes, wait patiently.
  • After the installation is done, reboot the device at earliest convenience

download (.sis, 1.1 MB)

Uninstall instructions:

If you have version 18.4, that is if you installed before 7 March and Weather Widgets are not in the list of installed applications:

Install version 18.5.

Then go to Menu -> Settings -> Installations -> Installed applications and remove Weather Widget

If you have version 18.5

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Installations -> Installed applications and remove Weather Widget


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