As announced by Nokia, MeeGo PR 1.2 (30.2012.07-1) update is now rolling-out for N9 users globally. Check out N9 PR1.2  Screenshots and Full Changelog after break.

N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!
N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!

N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!

N9 PR 1.2 Officially available!

  1. Folders. To rename a folder press and hold inside the created folder to see a space to type the name.
  2. Default font changed. Including height and weight.
  3. Contact Book has the ‘Search’ bar visible by default.
  4. Each Contact Book entry now has wording “Synct to – MFE – “. This isnt ‘clickable’ and seems odd as it takes up quite a bit of space without clear functionality.
  5. IM Availability screen has been changed. It is now dark themed.
  6. Searching for contacts has been optimised and now allows you to search in Skype from the same screen.
  7. Swype keyboard now has bigger keys. Cant emphasise how great of an update this is. Also they seem to have fixed the “P” bug in swype. Previously starting a word with P in swype resulted in the keyboard being swiped. This no longer happens.
  8. Turning off the device causes the LED to stay on. Once it goes off the device can be turned on again.
  9. All UI menus have changed from white grey to black grey.
  10. Support for D-Pad arrows.
  11. Snooze/Off Buttons now much larger for the Alarm.
  12.  New Contacts option: “Prefer Avatars from” and prefer Nick name
  13. Swype languages limited to Chosen list only.
  14. Random brightness changes seem to have disappeared. Improvement on light sensor behaviour?
  15.  ”Conntect to the Internet” pop up screen gone when offline? (Need confirmation from a few others).

Homescreen/Standby Screen:

  1. LED now ‘breathes’ when the device is being charged.
  2. Facebook/Twitter notifications on the home screen.
  3. Swiping down to close an app now results in a dark shadow being cast on the open window. I suppose this is to indicate the swipe will close the app? Nice touch.
  4. Closing an app no longer results in the app appearing in the multi tasking window for a split second before closing.
  5. Disable Backgound connection for mobile data connection (ie. if you want to allow only WLAN to be used for bg connection).


  1. Copy and paste in the Browser.
  2. Most visited links on the Browser now has the top 2 visited sites in Bold and same size. (see image)
  3. Opening and closing a link from a browser sends you back to the original page as oppose to the multi tasking window.
  4. Browser now remembers passwords
  5. The default browser can be changed to Firefox if installed.
    Just go to Settings -> Applications -> Web.


  1. Video Calling (more details needed)
  2. Camera improvement (Shortcut to enable/disable flash, New filters for video recording? and an option to turn on flash whilst recording)
  3. Gallery Improvement (Face tagging)
  4. Some new Wallpapers inserted in Gallery?
  5. Media Sharing. Support for DLNA enabled devices (not tested)
  6. More image editing options in the Gallery.
  7. Selecting multiple files in the image gallery causes a purple haze to appear over the images. Previously only a purple outline was used.
  8. Music. Now you can delete a music file straight from the media player.
  9. Music Player supports Playlist making
  10. Support for Dropbox
  11. Hitting the Album cover whilst playing a song shows the current play list instead of pausing the song.
  12. Camera has continuous shutter mode. If you hold it, it will take 8 pics in rapid succession.


  1. Email. The words “up-to-date” now appear when a mailbox has been synced in the last 1 minute.
  2. Threaded email.
  3. Email. A failure to sync an inbox now shows a red arrow on the notification bar.


  1. Improved scrolling in most apps. Including the Ovi/Nokia Market. Though lag still appears unexpectedly.
  2. Drive. The Drive App now has imported all the Favourites from the Maps application. Also the panning/zooming is much smoother. I also note that street names now re-flow with you to ensure you can always see the street names.

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