3D games like Snuggle Truck, Cordy, Shadowgun and Battleheart coming to Windows Phone? (Lot of fun ahead)!

It’s already possible to get some fabulous games on your Nokia Lumia phone, but a fresh development in the world of video game engines means that we might be in for a raft of top notch new 3D titles (and a few more quality 2D ones too). Read on to find out more…

Top 5 games the Nokia Lumia 900 is perfect for

You may not have heard of Unity 3D, but it powers a number of currently popular smartphone games. Have you played Max and the Magic Marker on your Nokia Lumia phone? That’s a Unity 3D title. How about Tentacles? Yep, that is too.

Unity 3D doesn’t run natively on Windows Phone, but the above two games were made possible thanks to a tool called FFWD from PressPlay. This converts Unity 3D games to the XNA engine used to build Windows Phone games.

The good news is that PressPlay has now made FWD open source – which means it’s free to use by any games developer with a Unity 3D game they want to port over – over on Github. Let’s take a brief look at some of the gems this could make available on the platform – provided the individual developers take the time out for it. Again, this isn’t confirmation that these games will appear. It’s more of a wishlist of what we’d like to see appear now that the door is open!


This gem plays a bit like Monkey Ball, in that you have to guide a ball around a bunch of mazey levels by physically tipping your device. The best thing about Gears – like many of the games on this list – is its detailed 3D world and solid feel.


Speaking of detailed 3D worlds, Cordy is a gorgeous platform game in the mould of Sonic and Mario. While the levels are technically 2D, in that you run your little TV-headed character from left to right, the camera swoops around and pans in to show off the impressive 3D engine.

Shadow gun

This console-like third person shooter has made waves mainly for technical reasons – it looks much better than it plays. That’s not to say that Shadowgun plays badly however. It’s just that it happens to be one of the best looking smartphone games around.

Battle heart

Okay, this one isn’t 3D, but it is a seriously good looking slice of action-strategy RPG. You must guide four heros into battle, upgrading their abilities and recruiting superior replacements – all in a lovely cartoon-fantasy world.

Samurai: Way of the Warrior

Hack and slash your way through feudal Japan in this gory (virtual) button masher. What the gameplay lacks in sophistication, the graphics more than make up for in painterly splendour. There’s also a much improved sequel that also runs on Unity 3D.

Battle Bears

Speaking of mindless action, Battle Bears is just about the biggest, dumbest fun you can have on your smartphone. You must fend off an endless onslaught of homicidal teddy bears with a some seriously high powered firearms. Yep, it is as silly as it sounds.

Guerilla Bob

More 3D blast-em-up action, but this time in the shape of a twin-stick shooter. That means one virtual stick handles your movement, while another handles the direction of your fire. This is all set in yet another remarkably solid 3D world that’s simply bursting with character.

Snuggle Truck

Here you must dash to the end of a bunch of hilly courses in your 4×4 truck, trying desperately to stay upright (by tilting your phone to correct your orientation in mid-air). The goal – to keep as many cuddly toys in the back of your truck as possible.

Monster Trucks Nitro

More 4×4 madness, and with a similar control scheme too. Here, though, there’s no cargo to worry about, which frees you to concentrate on beating the game’ss slippery physics and getting your ride to the end of the course in record time.

No, Human

This charming physics-based puzzler places you in control of the universe. A spiteful, homicidal universe that wants to halt man’s progress into space at any cost. This is an excuse to use basic astrophysics to pelt various man-made spacecraft with assorted comets. Yep, it’s as fun as it sounds.

We’d love to see each and every one of these Unity 3D-powered games appearing on our Nokia Lumias. Thanks to PressPlay, the tools are all there to make it happen. If you like the sound of any of these, we suggest you get on to the developers to follow through!


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