What’s so special about the Nokia Lumia 900 screen? (Get to know about it in Detail) !

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty excited about the Nokia Lumia 900, and one feature in particular – its screen. So what’s so special about it? What’s different between it and the Nokia Lumia 800 screen? Just how good will the Windows Phone OS, videos and games look on the Nokia Lumia 900 display? We break it down for you.

Top 5 games the Nokia Lumia 900 is perfect for

First, the obvious point: the Nokia Lumia 900 screen is big. In fact, at 4.3-inches it’s the biggest mobile display Nokia has ever produced. To put that into context, it’s more than half an inch bigger than the Nokia Lumia 800, which isn’t what you’d call small in the first place.

In day-to-day terms, that means that the Nokia Lumia 900 is going to be great for tasks that benefit from extra screen space, such as web browsing (less zooming and panning), Gaming and watching videos.

Some might point to the Nokia Lumia 900’s resolution as a bit of a downside. While it’s true that it keeps the same resolution as the other, smaller Lumias (800x 480) and thus is technically a little less sharp, it’s still plenty sharp enough. In fact, when you work out the pixel density, it’s sharper than other established Nokia phones with AMOLED screen like the Nokia N8, Nokia X7 and Nokia C7.

Which brings us on to the next point – the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen uses AMOLED technology. This is effectively the next step on from standard LCD displays. In what way? Well, in AMOLED screens each pixel is individually lit, as opposed to the LCD technique of providing a general backlight. This means that there’s much greater contrast between bright and dark tones, creating a more vivid picture. It also means that blacks are truly black rather than washed-out grey.

As a side-effect, the darker the picture the more energy efficient it is – perfect for Windows Phone’s classy Dark theme!

But this isn’t just any AMOLED display on the Nokia Lumia 900. Oh no. This one uses an RGB matrix rather than the PenTile one used by the Nokia Lumia 800, the Nokia N8 and the like. What’s the difference? Each pixel in a PenTile display is made up of two sub-pixels, while each pixel in the Lumia 900’s RGB panel is made up of three. This makes for a crisper picture – especially when viewing light text (which the Windows Phone OS has plenty of).

So, now do you see why we’re so excited about the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen? It’ll be bigger and bolder than any previous Nokia display – and goodness knows they’ve created some doozies in the past!

What are you looking forward to about the Nokia Lumia 900? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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