nokia 808 flash

Here is another hands-on video of Nokia 808 PureView – the video demonstrate different features of the device, such as the Torch Mode with flash light which get activated while holding the screen lock button, Nokia Maps and a closer look to improved version of Web Browser on Nokia Belle FP1. Check out the video after break.

Video Notes:

  • The flash can be used as a flashlight, you must press the unlock button down and hold (in the video I’m wrong) is that the LED lights (thx focu s) (see video below)
  • There is more than 2mm harbor for loading, 100% micro USB
  • There is no burst mode itself (from what I saw), but you can configure a sport mode and take pictures fairly quickly, within about 1 second between each shot, still pressing button (I know, this is not the same thing), I demonstrate this in the video below
  • There is an option timelapse native
  • Nokia Big Screen is pre-installed
  • It does not seem possible to go beyond 30fps, by cons you can change the number of frames per second in the parameters, if necessary to descend (30, 25, 15 …).
  • The continuous autofocus operates from 15/20 inches, not below (hence, also, the difficulty to focus on my video sample published at the MWC)
  • On the Web, the browser is much smoother than on the N8, it is not yet at a terminal Windows Phone, Android or IOS, but it is much better (see in the video)
  • Nokia Maps / Maps also works great on the 808 PV, more fluid than the N8, including zoom / zoom out (see video)
  • I was not necessarily in excellent conditions for this, but I tested the speaker quickly and it seemed more powerful than the N8, it remains to be verified in a test

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