Why the Nokia Lumia 900 will be the fastest phone on the market ? (Reason’s explained) !

With a 1.4GHz processor and Windows Phone 7.5, we know that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be fast. But there’s something else that makes it quicker than not only the rest of the Nokia Lumia range, but pretty much every other smartphone on the UK market. Read on to find out more.

What’s so special about the Nokia Lumia 900 screen?

The Nokia Lumia 900’s impressive speed gains will come not from fancy multi-core processor technology, but from fancy multi-connection network technology!

What are we talking about? The Nokia Lumia 900 will support an advanced form of 3G network technology when it launches over the coming weeks. Some call it DC-HSDPA, while Nokia seems to be calling it ‘HSDPA+ Dual Carrier’. All we know is it should make your Lumia 900 fly like no other phone we’ve seen in this country.

Perhaps a little background information is in order. A huge proportion of what we do on our smartphones involves connecting to the internet for data – from emailing and surfing the web to background Facebook updates and YouTube videos. Downloading apps over a mobile network demands a very strong network connection if you want speedy results.

It’s because of this that we reckon a lot of Nokia’s rivals up to now have been focusing their attentions in the wrong place. You can have all the processor cores and RAM you like – if you don’t have a good network connection your phone will always chug in certain situations. Of course, widespread Wi-Fi has gone some way to mitigating this thirst for mobile bandwidth, but we still need solid network connections to fill in the sizeable gaps.

Over in the US 4G networks are on the ascendancy. This network technology can – in optimal conditions – lead to speeds that are in advance of the average UK broadband speeds. The US Nokia Lumia 900 is one such device that takes advantage of this 4G network.

We don’t have 4G in the UK yet, though the 4G spectrum is due to be auctioned off to UK operators at the end of 2012. What we do have is a reasonably strong 3G network, and there’s plenty that can be done to improve that. One of these improvements is the aforementioned HSDPA+ Dual Carrier approach. This essentially allows a phone to make two simultaneous 3G connections, increasing the speed of downloads to a theoretical 42Mbps – double the capacity of current HSDPA+ technology.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that such speeds will be reached in real world usage, but that doesn’t matter – the point is that performance will increase dramatically relative to what we have now!

The good news is that at least one UK operator (3) is set to roll out this DC-HSDPA solution this summer. Hopefully the others will fall in line once they see what the Nokia Lumia 900 is the fastest phone in the UK because of it!


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