Windows Phone Marketplace apps and games we want on Nokia Belle

Nokia’s partnership with Windows means that the latest Windows Marketplace apps can now be downloaded to Nokia Lumia handsets. But what about other Nokia Belle phones? Here are some Windows Marketplace apps we want to see reach the Nokia Store.

Xbox Live for Windows Phone: Gerbil Physics review


Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
An official Twitter app has yet to make it to the Nokia Store, so it’s one of the many apps we’d love to see on our Nokia Belle smartphones with clear, bright, easy to use menus,  trending topics, real-time search and all those other Twitter features we love.


Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
Just like Twitter, we’ve yet to see an official Flickr app hit the Nokia Store. Flickr from Windows Marketplace lets you share photos in app from your phone’s camera, edit descriptions and browse photos from the Flickr community.

Xbox LIVE 

Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
If you love playing games we can bet you own an Xbox 360. If so then check out the Xbox LIVE app. It lets you check in on your Xbox LIVE profile from your Nokia phone. More of this for Nokia Belle would be great.

Plants vs. Zombies
size: 81MB
Cost: £3.99
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best, most addictive games ever from PopCap Games – one of the best mobile game publishers around. It features 50 levels of zombie smashing attacking action, a handful of game modes and 20 mini-games.


Size: 1MB

Cost: Free
The Netflix app might be U.S-only for now but with the Netflix service now having arrived in the UK there’s no reason why we cant see it hit the UK, giving access to lots of on-demand movies new and old to watch on your Nokia Belle phone.

Super Monkey Ball

Size: 41MB
Cost: £2.29
Super Monkey Ball has players navigating a monkey in a ball (who’d have thought) past obstacles using your phone’s accelerometer. It would work perfectly on Nokia Belle phones. It’s fun, cute, and addictive, and the perfect game to waste a few minutes on the train.

Ocado On The Go

Size: 4MB
Cost: Free
Ocado is a service that lets you order groceries online for delivery without setting foot in a supermarket. Ocado On The Go lets you do just that from your Nokia Windows Phone. We’re sure Nokia Belle users would love the same convenience.

Any more apps from Windows Marketplace that you’d love to see on the Nokia Store? Let us know!


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