New global survey: most people want to buy a Nokia next!

When people were asked which brand they believed their next phone would be in a recent survey, the most popular answer was Nokia. Read on to find out more about how Nokia is gaining increased traction worldwide.

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The survey was conducted by Vuclip – a popular mobile video company that enables you to search and watch web videos on any video-enabled mobile device. How reliable is Vuclip for a survey of this kind? Well, the number of participants in this survey hit 560,000 – a pretty decent sample size, we’re sure you’ll agree!

And so to the most telling figure: when these global consumers were asked what mobile brand they wanted to buy next, 37 per cent said Nokia. The next most popular answer on 25 per cent was Apple, with BlackBerry close behind on 21 per cent.

These figures just go to show the level of traction Nokia has gained around the world. The company’s strong presence in developing countries is only set to continue with the Asha series, while in established smartphone markets like the UK phones like the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Nokia 808 PureView are making quite a splash.

As an example of Nokia’s global strength, the Vuclip survey listed the top five most popular handsets in three very different countries – Kenya, Syria and Uruguay. Of the 15 available slots, Nokia phones accounted for 11. Indeed, in Kenya all five of the top five devices are Nokia phones. Impressive!

For these and more results – including the most popular mobile search terms around the globe and the role gender plays in mobile preferences – take a look at the full Vuclip survey. It’s an interesting read.

So how about you? Which phone are you eyeing up next, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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