Upgrade your Nokia N8 to Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be hitting UK shelves over the coming weeks, and it’s an attractive new upgrade option for a number of Nokia N8 users who are finally ready to let their baby go! We take a look at what the new handset has to offer compared to the old champion.

Nokia Lumia 900 – the best multimedia smartphone yet?

As far as legendary smartphones go, few have lasted the course as well as the Nokia N8. Thanks to its rugged shell, striking looks and photographic abilities that are only just set to be usurped (thanks to the Nokia 808 PureView), it’s stood the test of time – all while building up an avid fanbase.

So which new Nokia phone is going to tempt Nokia N8 users into and upgrade? Well, for purely photographic elements the Nokia 808 PureView will be hard to beat, but as an all-round multimedia smartphone we’d say that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be your best option.

Why? Well for one thing there’s the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen. It’s a huge improvement over the Nokia N8’s. While both use AMOLED technology for brighter colours and blacker blacks, the Nokia Lumia 900’s is much bigger (4.3-inch versus 3.5-inch) and sharper (217 ppi against 210 ppi). It also uses superior RGB matrix technology for a crisper image.

Then there’s what sits under that screen. The Lumia 900’s 1.4GHz CPU offers more than double the processing power of the Nokia N8’s 680MHz chip, while it also has double the RAM for handling advanced tasks more smoothly.

Speaking of advanced tasks, the Nokia Lumia 900 has far more of them to handle. That’s because of its Windows Phone 7.5 OS, which is not only a big step on from the Nokia N8’s Nokia Belle OS – it’s a big step on from any other mobile OS out there. All the major tasks your expect a modern smartphone to fulfill – from search and calendar to email and social network updates – is tightly integrated into the experience.

In the hand, too, the Nokia Lumia 900 is major advancement over the Nokia N8. It’s heavier, as you’d expect, but it’s considerably thinner. The unibody polycarbonate shell of the Nokia Lumia 900 can be seen as a natural evolution of the Nokia N8 design. They share a similar basic shape, but the Lumia device is just much more streamlined and sophisticated.

Of course, the Nokia Lumia 900’s camera can’t quite compete with the Nokia N8’s – but then no smartphone camera currently on the market can. As a usuble day-to-day snapper, the Nokia Lumia 900’s 8-megapixel camera is excellent, thanks to its large f/2.2 aperture and Carl Zeiss lens. Plus, the Windows Phone camera software is superb, letting you get into the camera app ridiculously quick and opening up a whole heap of sharing options once you’ve taken a picture.

So, if you’re a Nokia N8 owner in the market for an upgrade, the Nokia Lumia 900 looks set to best it in almost every area. We’re putting money on it being the best handset Nokia has ever produced – which makes it a more than worthy follow-up to the legendary N8.


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