Top 5 uses for the Nokia Lumia 900’s front camera

With that gorgeous 4.3-inch AMOLED display hogging all the attention, it’s quite possible to forget that theNokia Lumia 900 has an all-new component for the Nokia Lumia range – a front-facing camera. Why should you care? Here are some of the top uses for this little lens.

Why the Nokia Lumia 900 will be the fastest phone on the market

While the Nokia Lumia 900’s main camera is much the same as that found on the Nokia Lumia 800, it’s the all-new front-facing camera that we’re interested in. What will you be able to do with it?

Video calling

This is the most obvious one. The Nokia Lumia 900 will be the first Lumia to enable full video calling. There’s already a Skype beta available for existing Lumia phones, but it’ll really come alive on the new handset. You’ll be able to have a  face-to-face conversation with someone on your phone and across the globe! As well as Skype, there’s already the free Tango app on the Windows Phone Marketplace that does something very similar.

Video messaging

Text messages and emails are so impersonal. Why not send a brief video message to the one you love? With the Nokia Lumia 900’s front-facing camera on board, you’ll be able to record a quick and perfectly framed spoken message and email it to your contacts.

Self-portrait picture

Take a neat, well-framed picture of your mug. Why is this useful? We all attach pictures of ourselves to our social network accounts – now you’ll have the opportunity to do that more often. It’s also good for those holiday snaps where you’re taking a picture of yourself or of your group in front of a gorgeous piece of scenery. Now all the guesswork will be taken out of the process, as you’ll have the phone’s screen/viewfinder facing you!

Digital mirror

For those who don’t walk around with a compact mirror in their pockets or bags, it can be a bit of a pain checking how you’re looking prior to an important meeting. Is there mayonaise on your lip? Lettuce in your teeth? Is your hair a mess for that date? Tie straight for that interview? In each occasion, a front-facing camera would be marvellous, acting as a digital mirror. And with that large AMOLED screen, you can bet the picture will be pretty accurate (for better or worse).

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is full of videos of people just talking to the camera, setting the world to rights, singing a song or just talking about what they watched on telly last night. If that’s your thing, with the Nokia Lumia 900’s front-facing camera you’ll be able to take this process away from the computer and out into the big wide world. Hold the phone in front of you, press record and compose a perfectly framed video. Then you can share the video direct with an app like YouTube Pro. Simple!


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