SPECIAL REVIEW :- Nokia Belle FP2 – Existence ‘Almost’ Proven – More Updates Coming to Symbian Smartphones

Well, the above image is a screenshot from the HTML5 Speed Test website, html5test.com. It shows how various browsers and operating systems managed to score on HTML5, and lists Nokia’s Belle offerings as S60 5.x, and also the yet-to-be-announced Nokia Belle FP2.

The site lists Symbian OSs like this :

  • Symbian S60 5th – S60 5.0
  • Symbian^3 – S60 5.1
  • Symbian Anna – S60 5.2
  • Symbian/Nokia Belle – S60 5.3
  • Nokia Belle FP1 – S60 5.4
  • Nokia Belle FP2 – S60 5.5

To be honest, it looks legit to me. There is a chance of a FP2 update to come either for the second and third gen. S^3 phones or maybe Nokia will bring some new phone alltogether with the new Belle FP2. Considering how good job the guys @ Accenture have been doing, it isn’t much of a surprise to me. The FP2 update is the same one that was earlier being referred to as ‘Symbian Donna’, I think.

Why doesn’t this listing as well as the information provided on that website look fake? Well, mostly because, why on earth would a HTML5 speed test website spread rumors about some upcoming Nokia OS?

I say, and take my word about this, Nokia is planning to bring the Nokia Belle FP2 either as an ‘update’ or with some new device or both, real soon. 😉


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