The Symbian Belle FP1 Update – PR 3.1 coming to older S^3 (N8/C7/E7 etc). (scheduled for June 25-July 1st).

Symbian Belle FP1 or PR 3.1 that is shipped with Nokia 808 is coming soon to all other Symbian Belle devices!


Symbian Belle in the Nokia 808 is a much improved version of the existing Symbian Belle which can be found in devices like Nokia 701/700/603/N8/E7/E6/X7/C7/C6-01

It’s called Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1


1. Boosted CPU Clock rate (It’s confirmed that 701 will be clocked at 1.3Ghz with this update)

2. Brand new camera app

3. Many new homescreen widgets

4. Improved Notification Bar

5. Much Improved User Interface (overhauled options menu)

6. Very smooth and improved stability and much more

We have been waiting for this update on the older phones like Nokia 701 but had less hopes of 1st generation Symbian devices like N8 too getting this new update. But recent news reveal that not only the new devices but also the older belle devices will get this update (we are again unsure about 500 but most probably it will get it)

ICEman – @hkotabychua has been a trusted source when it comes to rumours as last time he was correct about the Symbian Belle release date and this time he has predicted something again in twitter, have a look :)

His tweet on March 6th regarding Symbian Belle FP1 update for 2nd Generation Belle devices (eg 701)

Translation: Nokia 701, 700 and 603 to get PR2.0 on week 13 (end of March), that update was previously known as Carla (Probably he meant PR 3.1 and not 2.0 which is Anna :P )

Have a look at his tweet on March 25th:

Translation: Update PR 3.1 for the first generation S ^ 3 smartphones (N8, C7, etc.) is scheduled forwk26/2012. The last week of June. # nokia # symbian


This somewhat gives us an idea about the timeframe.

Devices like 701/603/700 will probably get Symbian Belle FP1 in a week or two while older 1st Generation Symbian Belle devices like N8/E7/E6/X7/C7/C6-01 will get Symbian Belle FP1 in week 26 (June) of 2012. Nokia probably needs time to optimize Symbian Belle FP1 update for the older 680Mhz devices as they do not have a CPU or GPU as powerful as the second generation ones. Atleast we are happy the 1st generation belle devices are getting this great update :) I am sure all n8 users will be happy with this news!

Also we have news that Symbian Belle FP2 and Symbian Carla are in the works :) Let’s keep out fingers crossed and hope we get a glimpse of them soon!

We have got some screenshots of Symbian Belle FP1 for you. Do have a look and comment below :)

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11 thoughts on “The Symbian Belle FP1 Update – PR 3.1 coming to older S^3 (N8/C7/E7 etc). (scheduled for June 25-July 1st).

  1. i hate nokia. The n8 is the worst shit ever produced. I hope nokia will go bankrupt asap. These motherfuckers are tooo fucking stupid to use android. And symbian is more shit than shit itself. Not even talking about speed. And the cam sucks when zooming. Its ridiculous and sad. They could be awesome. But they are mere stupid and stubborn.

  2. Where is the update for older 1st Generation Symbian Belle devices like N8/E7/E6/X7/C7/C6-01. As today is the 1st July 2012.

  3. Bell old version have ,low speed browser,week signal,low battery condition becuse there are some havy files...i m looking for new bell version for my E7

    Not better the old version of bell,due to low signl,scattered menu,slow browser,low battery,.i found ths weakness in my E7 AND N8 AFTER UPDATING TO BELL…OLD VERSION WAS MUCH BETTER…

  4. July is gonna end already.. hope u dint said july of 2013.. LOL.. Good way of making fools out of public !!! If u aren’t sure of sm thing better keep ur mouth shut, rather than bluffing !!!

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