Nokia Asha 302: Pre-loaded games roundup

The Nokia Asha 302 is a great entry-level QWERTY phone with lots of social features and a bundle of pre-loaded games and demos on board. We’ve had a play of each one. Here’s what we thought…

Nokia Asha 302 review (hardware)

If you love games then you’ll love the Nokia Asha 302. One of its many talents is the ability to download games online from the Nokia Store.

But before you do that, hit up the menu button and head to the games section on your Nokia Asha 302. There you’ll find six games and demos to either enjoy playing or for getting a taster of what to expect before deciding whether to download the full version of each.

Here’s what you get:

Fast Five The Movie: Official Game
This pre-loaded demo throws you right into the deep end up against a handful of turbo-charged motors. After a brief set of instructions it’s up to you to put pedal to the metal in a race to the finish. It’s no holds-barred, so anything goes. Smashing into the back of cars at full pelt sends them flying, and you in line to finish first. It’s not the best looking  racer around, but is surprisingly fun, if a little short-lived.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations
The good new is that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is a great game, and one of the best you’ll find on the Nokia Store. The bad news here is you only get to play three minutes of it before you’re asked if you wish to buy it. It’s worth it, though. You get to perform death-defying leaps, climb high up to evade enemies and take others on in sword fights. The controls take a little getting used to, but that doesn’t spoil a fun game with nice graphics.

Bounce Tales
Bounce Tales is great. You control a ball around colourful levels that would fit at home even on a dedicated gaming handheld. The idea is to get the ball past spikes, pits and other obstacles in one piece. Along with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, it’s  the best game on the Nokia Asha 302.

What can we say about Sudoku? You’re either a big fan of the number puzzler or you’re not. If you are then you’ll love the chance to hone your number crunching skills on your Nokia Asha 302. It’s welcome refreshment from the action games on offer.

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited
Players move a paddle left or right in order to hit metal balls into the structures above. There is a story but you won’t be paying attention anyway since it requires lots of patience. Block Breaker 3 Unlimited will keep you occupied with its later challenging levels, new weapons and power-ups. But if you’ve played these type of games before there’s nothing new to see here.

And those are the games you’ll find on the Nokia Asha 302. Got a favourite? Is there a game you would have liked to have seen instead of any of the above? Let us know.

Check out our Nokia Asha 302 games roundup gallery:

Nokia Asha 302: pre-loaded games roundupNokia Asha 302: pre-loaded games roundupNokia Asha 302: pre-loaded games roundupNokia Asha 302: pre-loaded games roundupNokia Asha 302: pre-loaded games roundup

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