Leaked Screen Shots of Nokia Carla OS ?

Leaked Screen Shots of Nokia Carla OS ?

We receive some screenshot of Nokia Carla OS. This upcoming update should be for Trio Nokia Belle (Nokia 701, 700, 603) and also for the upcoming Nokia 808 Pureview from our reliable partner.
Our partner said that all the screenshot are taken from Nokia Carla OS (this OS Still under development – maybe change on the next development / release date).
And he said that, This update is not coming to the 1st generation of Symbian^3 Devices like Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01.

We think that all the screenshot shows the different between Nokia Belle, Belle FP1/2 with Nokia Carla OS.

Based on the screenshot, the new features are

  1. New on-screen qwerty keyboard (adopt from Windows Phone qwerty model)
  2. New Lock screen without Unlock Button
  3. New method (Swipe to unlock) to unlock the screen
  4. New Version and New UI Music Player
  5. New Interface for Option (Now with Blue button – Look a like on Meego Harmattan)
  6. New Version Nokia Browser
  7. Some UI Improvement on Nokia Browser

So, What do you think?
Is this Nokia Carla or Nokia Belle FP1 or FP2 🙂


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