Sunday app Review :-Swipe Unlock application by Alexander Fokin !


Swipeunlock is a great new way to unlock your phone, inspired to be just like the Meego operating system this app is developed by Usanov-Kornilov Nickolay


It contains these great features:

  • Ability to change the background image shown on the lock-screen
  • Resizing options for the background image consists of stretch and crop modes
  • The gesture of swiping direction the available gestures is horizontal and vertical swiping
  • Show, when pressed this chooses if the swipe to unlock and default lock-screen will be used.
  • Ability to run at phone start-up and a on and off switch.
  • It is invisible to the native task manager a third part task manager is needed to see the application running in the background.
  • Landscape support for both the settings and the lock screen itself

Those are what I found on the application.

 User interface

This app is written in Qt so it consists of the normal belle style QML user-interface for the applications settings only. With it being Qt the user interface doesn’t match the semi Avkon of the current Belle (as no application written in Qt does) the main differences being with the nice fade effects in the menus and selection boxes and the thickness of the signal and battery indicators but it’s really no bother. The lock-screen its self has the Meego operating system look to it with the status bar and the clock and date in the top right hand corner, it really is a great replica of the Meego lock screen it also incorporates a little surprise in store too this is when music is playing the track name and next, previous, pause track controls are shown which is a nice addition to the screen.


The overall performance of this app is excellent especially for the first version, i experienced zero lags, no slowdowns of device performance it was as if it was a system application, the swiping is very very smooth even when swiping this very slowly it barely jutters at all, now not many app developers can say that and the RAM the application uses is very little indeed its barely noticeable when checking free device RAM.


Now ive not really noticed any bugs in my scouring of this app but the speculation I have is when music is being played the date and time disappear for the music controls this may be a feature or a bug, I will definitely talk to the developer about that.

To round up

To round up this is one of those apps that keeps me loving Symbian, it is a great addition to the growing applications in the Symbian market I really hope to see many more great applications from the developer, this is simply worth every penny therefore I give Swipeunlock a  4.5 out of 5 rating.

This application can be bought from Nokia store here:


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