Top Nokia Related April Fools Posts Aswell as many other tech TROLLS!!!(Enjoy)!

This is going to be fairly rushed. Need to study but procrastination has taken over, as usual. Seeing as it is April Fool’s Day. I thought I would post some interesting articles that have popped up over the last 24hours.

In order from least extravagant to full blown insanity;

5. Gravity Warning

The most loved social client for Nokia users, Gravity, played their role today. They reminded users of today being April Fool’s. Good on them, especially seeing as the majority of their user base use Twitter, and Twitter became a super-highway for trolling and rick-rolling.

4. Nokia Fe0 800

Here, TechTree posted that Nokia had gone to the dark side and had released the Nokia Feo 800, the first Nokia sporting ICS (Or any of the Droid Versions for that). Specs weren’t too bad, typical for Androids at the moment. I did like how the source was cited as a Wikipedia article on April Fool’s Day.

Something that isn’t a prank is NITDroid, the community port of ICS to the N9. If you’re keen, check that out.

3. Nokia E710 Communictor

The boys over at AAS did a great job on this one. They posted about a new phone called the E710 communicator. Basically, it is the N8 and the E7 in 1, with better specs. If this were a device on market today, I think it could do well. They have some amazingly Photoshopped work on their site, go take a look.

2. Android gets sold off for 88.2 billion to Microsoft-Nokia consortium

This one is so ridiculous it’s amazing. Apparently Google backed out of the Mobile business and sold it off to MicroNokia. Also, Elop announced that MeeGo would get an update allowing it to triple boot MeeGo, Android, and Windows Phone. (Sound familiar?)


Anyway, it was even posted that Android users will get an upgrade to “Android for Windows Phone”. If you haven’t read it, I think you will have a good laugh, so go have a read

1. Nokia Ice

Now this one I wasn’t sure about at first, coming straight from Nokia Conversations. Now we have official confirmation it’s fake. We know Nokia has some pretty insane stuff in R&D. We know they don’t stick to regular materials and conventional designs. Seeing as they linked to related technologies, it seems pretty convincing. Obviously it is too far fetched to be legitimate, but hey, one can always dream right?

Here are other notable mentions, Nokia and otherwise;

  • Numerous Nokia Devices running alternate OSes and also other devices running Nokia’s MeeGo Harmattan. (For WP style UI on your N8, look at Ali’s post)
  • Skype for String: Skype reinvented themselves by distributing their system to Cups and String. Maybe Nokia’s can finally get video calling with this new service :p
  • Google: We all know they play along with festivities. But this wins. They have introduced GMail Tap, Google Fiber Bar and Google Maps 8-Bit for NES( Why didn’t Nokia think of that? Nokia Maps on Atari :p). Shame it is fake though, GMail tap is an amazing ad. There is also a cameo from LL Cool J

So there you have my Top 5 Nokia related pranks (and some other good ones too). What have your favourite April Fool’s Day pranks been?

“TROLL Links collected from various sites. Enjoy the April fool works done by various Famous Nokia representative Websites !! Enjoy…. trolling….”


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