Lumia vs. Lumia: Laptop Magazine readers vote on the best smartphone

final bracket

The folks at Laptop Magazine have been publishing a similar campaign based on the idea of finding people’s favourite smartphone.

We were very pleased to find two of Nokia devices – the Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 – in the group of sixteen phones selected by the editors for consideration.

We were delighted when the community voted both those phones into the ‘Aristocratic Eight’.

And we were absolutely over the moon when they got through to the ‘Penultimate Four’.

Then they were both in the final. Terrific news but it left us with a predicament. Who were we to vote for? The big, strapping Nokia Lumia 900 is top-of-the-range with all the features, but the Lumia 710 has won a lot of fans since launch. Many argue that its more familiar, ‘phone-sized’ dimensions make it a better fit for their hands and pockets.

We had to let the people decide. And now they have.

the winner takes a bow

Winner of the Laptop Magazine Smartphone Madness tournament is… the Nokia Lumia 900

What Would you have voted for the “Nokia Lumia 900 or the Lumia 710”? 


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