Nokia N9 beats Samsung and HTC smartphones on customer satisfaction

We didn’t get the Nokia N9 in this country, but if it looks familiar that’s because we got its cousin, the Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 800. That’s why we were quite interested to learn how the Nokia N9 is doing for customer satisfaction in the areas it’s available. Read on for more details!

Reevoo is an independent customer review website that rounds up what real people thing of the gadgets they buy. So what do they make of the familiar-looking Nokia N9?

With an average customer rating of 9.4 out of 10, it seems they like it very much indeed! To put that into context, the next highest rating for a smartphone is 9.0 for the HTC Sensation XL, followed by an 8.9 for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 – two Android giants that clearly haven’t impressed Reevoo’s subscribers as much as the Nokia N9.

Besides being a reassuring win for Nokia over some pretty tough rivals, this little snippet of news reflects well on the Nokia Lumia 800. After all, the two devices share the same chassis, a very similar AMOLED screen and the same 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

What differentiates the two devices is the Nokia Lumia 800’s 1.4GHz, which is 400MHz faster than the Nokia N9 equivalent. The biggest difference, though, is the operating system the two phones run on.

The Nokia N9 runs on the custom MeeGo operating system, which was something of an experiment for Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 800, on the other hand, runs on the Windows Phone 7.5 OS, which has been winning fans left right and centre – not least from us!

So, the fact that the Nokia N9 is scoring highly with customers should act as a ringing endorsement for its improved cousin, the Nokia Lumia 800. Have you got yours yet? Or are you holding out for the larger-than-life Nokia Lumia 900?


One thought on “Nokia N9 beats Samsung and HTC smartphones on customer satisfaction

  1. The call quality is a very important thing for me since I mostly use a phone as a… phone. I have never dropped a call in the 7 months that I have owned this phone. The speaker works great.

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