REVIEW Top 50 Nokia Belle games for Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia 700

Nokia Belle may be a relatively new platform in look and feel, but it’s already got an admirable roster of games to play on the likes of the Nokia 700, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7. Here are 50 of the best that you really should check out if you’re looking for some portable entertainment.

Angry Birds 

Let’s start with the obvious one – yes, Angry Birds is present and accounted for on Nokia Belle! If you don’t know how it plays, where have you been for the past three years? Rovio’s hit sees you pinging birds at stacked up structures, trying to get to the pigs hiding within.


Another classic, Bejeweled has probably wasted more time across PC, console and mobile than Facebook! It’s a pretty traditional puzzle game where you must swap adjacent gems in order to form rows of three or more of the same colour. It’s also extremely polished and impossible to put down.

Bridge Bloxx Gold

This brain-taxing physics-based puzzler sees you building bridges out of a limited set of materials. The goal – to make a sturdy structure that will take the weight of a train!

Tetris HD

Arguably the only game on this list that’s more famous than Angry Birds, Tetris is the mother of all block puzzler video games.  This HD variant is more colourful and more varied than the original, but it sticks to the same line-forming formula. Thanks goodness for that!

Cut The Rope 

Another casual physics-based gem, Cut The Rope is all about a hungry little monster called Om Nom, and your elaborate attempts to feed it. To do so you must swing suspended sweets into its mouth by slicing the supporting pieces of rope at just the right time. Tasty!

Sky Force Reloaded 

We all fancy some old school shoot ’em up action from time to time, and Sky Force Reloaded supplies it in spades. Take to the skies in this vertically scrolling blaster, taking on countless enemy waves and employing potent power-ups.

The Sims 3 HD 

Indulge your megalomaniacal voyeur side by playing The Sims 3 HD. Play god with your little Sims, running their lives and deciding whether to make them happy or miserable! It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, this one.

Guns ‘n’ Glory 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Guns ‘n’ Glory is a superb take on the tower defence genre – but it’s not what you’d call the best taste! Position your cowboy bandits to take out waves of innocent settlers in the Wild West. Recruit new soldiers, employ devastating weapons and generally have a wicked time.

Townsmen 6 

Who says mobile games lack depth? Townsmen 6 has stacks of it as you help take part in the French Revolution. Build an economy by constructing villages and seeing to your people’s needs, all while fending off the attacks of the King.


A brilliantly simple idea, Infecct tasks you with filling every single square in each level by drawing a single, unbroken line. While it sounds straight-forward, we guarantee your brain will soon be hurting from some of the puzzles on offer!

Grim Joggers 

A perpetual runner with a gruesome twist. Here you’re controlling the progress of a large team of joggers as they run from left to right. You must tap the screen to make them jump over traps and obstacles, but you’ll soon find yourself losing stray members left right and centre – just try and keep that last one alive!

Panzer Panic

Panzer Panic is a knock-around turn-based arena shooter with a lovely doodle art style. Your sketchy tanks look like they’ve been drawn by a 12 year old, and the battlefield looks like a kid’s exercise book. Simple, splatty fun.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 

We all know what Pac-Man’s about, right? Yet this Pac-Man Championship Edition is a considerably spruced up and improved version of the classic maze runner. It offers massively improved visuals, level-based gameplay and plenty of different modes to keep things fresh.

Angry Birds Seasons 

More Angry Birds! This time it’s a fine collection of all the holiday-based add-on packs that have been released based on the original bird pinger. Christmas, Halloween, Easter – they’re all here, each with their own unique seasonal elements and all-new levels.


Aporkalypse is more than just a groansome title – it’s a gently taxing puzzle game that sees you guiding a hungry pig through a series of top-down obstacle-filled levels. Push blocks, collect coins, flip switches, traverse gaps and make use of each porky character’s unique abilities to make progress.

Angry Birds Rio 

Our final dose of Angry Birds mayhem is a movie-based spin-off. While everyone may have forgotten the Rio film, however, this game has legs. Or rather wings. Improved graphics and entertaining boss levels are just two of the special treats on show here.

Shark or Die

Take control of a man-eating shark and munch through as many oblivious swimmers as possible. If that all sounds a bit dark, don’t worry – Shark or Die is handled with cartoony humour. Bonus points for the unique viewpoint – from the bottom of the see looking up at the carnage!

Need For Speed Shift HD 

I feel the need… complete your own Top Gun quote. We’re too busy playing Need For Speed Shift HD, which sees a surprising shift (pun intended) in focus for the series away from mindless tire screeching to a slightly more serious and technical brand of racing. It looks fantastic too.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit gets lobbed up in the air, you slice it into squelchy segments with your finger. That’s all there is to Fruit Ninja, yet it’s one of the most compelling mobile games around! It must be the chunky graphics and the perfect tactile response of the controls. It’s just great fun.

Worms Reloaded 

The Worms series has appeared on pretty much every platform available over the past decade or so, and it’s easy to see why. Its unique brand of turn-based cartoon violence with massive explosions and deformable 2D levels scales well to any device – including Nokia Belle phones.

Puzzle Bobble Evolution 

If you’ve ever played a Puzzle Bobble aka Bust-a-Move before, you’ll know the drill – fire coloured bubbles up the screen in a total inversion of the classic match-three-puzzler, with pool-style bank shots thrown in. This is a genuine evolution of the formula, with lots of varied bite-size game modes spicing things up.

Let’s Golf 2 HD 

One of the finest golf games on this or any other mobile platform, Let’s Golf 2 HD is filled with OTT course design and an RPG-lite character development system. The core golfing system offers just the right balance of simplicity and depth, too.

Tower Bloxx Revolution

An intriguing mix of match-three puzzler and town-planning strategy game, Tower Bloxx Revolution sees you constructing sky-high towers as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quirky treat.

Monopoly Here & Now 

It’s Monopoly, brought up to date with modern terms and street names and placed on your phone. It’s got lovely 3D graphics. It’s impossible to lose the little houses. What’s not to love?

Jewel Quest III 

Take a little Bejeweled-style block-swapping gameplay, add in a dash of Indiana Jones pulp adventure, throw in some varied level goals and what do you have? Jewel Quest III, one of the most enjoyable puzzlers around, that’s what!

Cyberlords – Arcology

Who knew there were games like this on Nokia Belle? Cyberlords – Arcology is a surprisingly involved team-based RPG with a futuristic setting. Explore, fight and improve your skills throughout a persistent, beautifully realised world.

Sheep Mania: Puzzle Islands 

This charming casual puzzler sees you guiding a manic sheep through a bunch of carefully designed levels. Once our woolly friend sets off in a direction, he won’t stop until he hits a solid object – which opens up a whole heap of spacial conundrums.

Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure 

This may be a fairly traditional 2D puzzler, but as those are in relatively short supply these days it feels pretty fresh. The graphics, music and controls all suit this retro-tastic game to a tee. A good solid adventure – just how games used to be!


What’s not to love with Bloons? You take control of a monkey (always a good start) and you must pop a bunch of balloons by carefully lobbing darts. Thankfully, the gameplay lives up to the premise.

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD 

You’ll have played the game Block Breaker 3 emulates a hundred times before. It’s another Breakout (or Arkanoid) clone – one of those bat and ball games where you have to break a load of bricks. However it adds plenty of welcome embellishments to the formula, such as elaborate multi-tiered levels, flashy graphics and OTT power-ups.

Dictator Defense 

Dictator Defense is a refreshingly light-hearted take on the tower defence genre that ranks right up there with Guns ‘n’ Glory. This is a tighter, smaller scale affair – although that goes out of the window when a giant George W Bush-a-like comes pounding toward you.

Eternal Legacy

One thing you might not have expected to see on your Nokia Belle phone is a 3D Final Fantasy-type game, but here we are with Eternal Legacy! Sure, it’s derivative as hell, but for a slice of attractive turn-based scrapping and melodramatic cut scenes, Eternal Legacy stands alone.

Zuma’s Revenge 

Over 60 levels of stone-shooting gameplay awaits in one of the Nokia Store’s best, and most enjoyably rewarding puzzle games. Levels start off as gentle introductions to the Zuma’s Revenge, but before you know it you’ve got one heck of a ball-breaking challenge on your hands.

Elemental War 

Tower Defence games are plentiful on the Nokia Store. Elemental War is one of the best. You’ll have to think carefully about your tactics or risk the wrath of an army with little regard for stomping all over you and leaving nothing left. For a free game this isn’t bad at all.

Chuzzle HD 

How could we not include a game called Chuzzles. The aim is to match the colourful critters in groups of three of more for high-points fur-flying fun. What’s a Chuzzle? You ask. Download this game to find out.

SimCity Deluxe

Ninja Shooter 

This combative take on the classic stack-em-up and match’em up puzzles is a fun take on a popular genre. It’s cute, colourful and perfectly deserving of your time.

Slice Ice 

Slice Ice is a pleasant little game of risk, reward and timing where players herd up penguins by, erm, destroying their icy perches. Dubious as it sounds, Slice Ice is a nice little time consumer.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations 

Assassin’s Creed Revelations has some of the best platforming gameplay you’ll find on the Nokia Store. You get to fight baddies using swords, perform death-defying leaps of faith and recruit fell assassins to do your bidding.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD

The latest tarmac-tearing racer in the series is also the best. A luxury garage full of the hottest sports cars, all of which can be tweaked, and 55 events to burn rubber in make for an excellent racer Nokia owners can be proud of. Add multiplayer to the mix for communal-based car hijinks

The Simpsons Arcade 

Take a trip to Springfield in this charming, colourful, and sometimes treacherous adventure, in which you get to play as your favourite Simpsons characters. With all the humour of the television series it’s hard not to enjoy this.

Real Football 2012 

When it comes to Nokia Store games, Real Football 2012 sits near the top of the table. It’s arcade style gameplay may not be for the purists but it’s perfect for playing on-the-go.


Like classic top-down shooters of old Galazer is all action. Its retro charms are hard to resist. Throw in old-school gameplay and you’ve got a very enjoyable Nokia space shooter

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD 

As the web-slinging wonder it’s up to you to save New York City from yet another mutant invasion. Agile, fun baddie-bashing gameplay ensues.

Space Fighter 

Just like Galazer, Space Fighter is another awesome retro-style shooter full of baddies and explosions. And it looks gorgeous, too.

Majesty: Fantasy Kindom Sim 

This brilliant little strategy game sees you building your medieval fantasy defences and taking the fight to a bunch or orcs and goblins, but the twist is you don’t actually take direct control of your troops. Rather you must pay them like mercenaries. It works because it simplifies the usually complex RTS system – perfect for mobile!

Doodle Jump 

Doodle Jump is a classic, and one of the most popular mobile games ever, for good reason. It’s so simple that it just works. You control Doodler on a springy journey hopping his way up as high as possible. How high can you go? Be warned: it’s highly addictive.

Hero of Sparta HD

This…is….No. We won’t go there. In Hero of Sparta you get to brandish your sword and stick it into all manner of mythological nasties that stem from the depths of the underworld. Sweet.

Airport Control 

Think you can hack it as an air traffic controller? Give this Nokia Store game a try and show us what you’ve got. Can you handle the pressure?

Raging Thunder 2 

The beauty of Raging Thunder 2 is that it’s one of the few racing games to let you build up your car until you’ve got a monster racer. Exhilarating stuff from this turbo-charged title.

What are your top loved games on any NOKIA platforms ? Feel free to comment below !


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