Nokia RM-714/Nokia 311 appears at FCC, full touch S40/meltemi with swipe, multitouch and 3 homescreens?!

The above is the RM-714. The more recent secret FCC documents where that the phone is unknown, I expected Nokia to put a generic block shape for the label. But what we can see is actually the phone’s borders with everything else edited out.

The tests show nothing of much significance.

Contents look like they are part of a basic phone.

Phone RM-714 / Battery BL-4U / AC charger AC-11E / Headset WH-102


The EUT is a 9-band mobile phone:

NokiaPort says the designation is RM-768 for the 316. However, they do have very very similar specs.

Anyway check out the FCC documents over at

This Link!

I was just about to add the final source links when another tip indicates this is the Nokia 311. And you can see the image of that without all the bits blurred out, matching the FCC documents.

And there’s more. The manual indicates – Swipe gestures. Now Asha had some basic swipe.

This seems to continue on, as well as the drop down notifications and multitouch (if we are looking at manuals for these and not some already present Symbian phone)

But the handset with the swiping looks like the previously seen 306.

3 homescreens. One for apps, one for shortcuts and one for a most used app. e.g. a dialler.. Swipe between each one.

This looks like a different manual.

Finally, confirmation from Nokia themselves of the two devices.


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