Free Xpress-on covers and discounts for the Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia have been busy revitalizing their brand image in the US, originally the with the introduction of their Windows Phone-endowed Lumia 710 and more recently its bigger brother the LTE-capable Lumia 900. It looks as though people are forgetting about the phone that started it all however and as such Nokia have announced a pair deals for owners and prospective buyers of the 710.

For starters, those who can prove that they recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 710 will be able to register for a second Xpress-on colored back cover. The extra rear plates are available in cyan, fuchsia, yellow and white and are designed to suit either version of 710 (black or white bodied). In order to prove eligibility, users will have to register their IMEI number, phone number and list a purchase date in order for Nokia to send them an extra back cover, free of charge.

The second part of the Lumia 710’s two-pronged attack is the price drop on a two-year contract to free, from $49.99. With the competent hardware of the Lumia 710, considering its mid-range credentials, that’s not too shabby, but its not all smiles, as prospective customers will only be able to take advantage of this discount via means of a $50 mail-in rebate.

We expect that, for the meantime at least, this price drop is a temporary move on T-Mobile’s part, but we suspect they won’t leave it too long before permanently making the Lumia 710 gratis on contract. Lets see if our hunch is right in the coming months.

Have either of these offers caught your attention, or are Nokia still struggling to appear on your radar? Follow this link to register for a free back cover if you’re eligible too.


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